Saturday, February 21, 2009

The cool ocean (shop) floor

The sea life components that were plasma cut before the FLU took hold, finally got welded up. The FLU has retreated and I was able to get back to do a little production. I used some of Gus' sidewalk chalk and drew my own "ocean floor" as the pieces were cooling. The warm(er) temps and sunball that is finally higher on the horizon must have inspired me to think about warm, ocean water. After some beadwork embellishment and other small finishing details, these sculptures will be going to Fireweed Gallery in Homer along with a few other sculptures.

I love these little branches that I welded up. Truthfully, I wanted to take a break and get out in the sunshine to take a picture! They were made using cold-rolled steel round stock that starts in 10-20' lengths. After I hand bend the steel, they're cut on the chop saw, assembled and welded up. My favorite part is making a branch-like texture using my wirefeed welder and applying a rust patina. I thought the branches would be great for some of the clay components I've been working on. My hands are definitely due to be back into some clay. 


Vicki P. said...

Hope you are over the flu!

cindy shake said...

...arrrgh! I'm getting there, still a little wobbly-weak and have a tiny cough -but all of this beautiful daylight has my body soaking up vitamin D -haha! Thanks for the post xox -hi to Pearl :o)