Thursday, February 19, 2009

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor FLU...

Neither rain, nor FLU shall keep the self-employed artist from her income producing duties...I would like to be experimenting more with my Bullseye Glass Company Frit on some slab tiles BUT I have "pay the bills" work to get caught up on. This is an example of Bullseye powder -08 frit in 1116 Turquoise Blue on Matt White Amaco glaze. The larger frit shown in the lid did not fire as well as the fine powder. I fired it at ^05 in an electric kiln. It gave a nice, ocean, wet look to the tile.

Thank goodness I was able to get a nice batch of steel plasma cut out before the FLU took hold of my body. Nothing like a runny nose and throbbing headache inside of a welding helmet, watching excruciating bright arcs of light...I took a quick picture of some sea life that is waiting for me to weld, bend, heat and turn into art.

Dawn called and ordered trophies for the Nature Valley US Ski 
Championships March 24-31, 2009 being held at Mt. Alyeska. Dawn designed the logo for the 2007 Alpine Championships and I did the custom metal work for the trophies. I used 1/4" aluminum plate, waterjet cut for precision, hand finished and mounted on individual mahogany bases with trophy plate names. They are regionally unique and very cool. I was flattered the event planning team wanted to use us again. Thanks guys! The races will be an incredible event to catch, we'll be there with our Cow Bells a' ringing! These are pics from the 2007 races.


Cynthia said...

Wow - thanks for sharing the glass frit process and firing temp with us! A friend of mine and fellow potters guild member has been experimenting with glass - I get to see some of her work tomorrow.

cindy shake said...

thanks for the post. Yeah, it was quite by accident because I have a bunch of wonderful supplies for slumping glass left over. One of the Gallery's gave me a slumping glass kiln for Christmas a couple of years ago, and well....I'm not nearly patient enough for glass and decided I'm not "glass worthy!" Now that I'm back into clay and got the new kilns...I thought what the heck, I've got all these great colors and materials.