Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Fatty Flakes

This weekend the Mountain was calling! Big, fatty flakes fell all weekend and Mother Nature put on a different show every day. This is the view of Mt. Alyeska from our deck. For some incredible shots of skiing in Turnagain Pass, check out our photographer friend Heather's Blog.

Before celebrating the long weekend skiing, I put together some great wall tiles for Half Moon Creek Gallery in Anchorage. The tiles were slab rolled and made using the seascape molds Bill and I made, Seamist and White Tile clay bisque fired at ^ o4, then fired at ^05 using a variety of beautiful Amaco and Speedball commercial gloss and matt glazes. I plasma cut out some steel crabs, kelp and starfish 
components, finished with a natural rust patina and then wired everything together.  I had collected the driftwood last summer from the beach in Homer. There are at least 4 milk crates filled 
with various driftwood pieces in the shop. Of course these crates look like treasure chests of gold to the dogs! We were sure to gather plenty of extra because Tauzer gets a couple long sticks each week to munch while I work. The Gallery said a few of the SeaWall Tiles had already found new homes for Valentines Day.


Vicki P. said...

Cindy, I love your blog. Your work is just amazing. The photo of the ravens is terrific. They have such big personalities. I have a pair of ravens that comes to my bird feeders. Once in a while I put dog food out and they love that. For the past two springs they have brought their brood to the yard. They are always real characters but very noisy - Especially at 4:00 a.m.!

cindy shake said...

hi Vicki! thanks for the post and kind words :o) Tauzer says hello to Pearl...