Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Lupercalia and Saint Valentines

"Beauty without expression is boring."

             -Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is one of several images I took of a family of Ravens near the Kenai River. The Ravens allowed me to be so close to them that I took pictures until my camera battery blinked red. I edited this image in Photoshop using various filters. We're spending Valentines Day skiing, loving and enjoying my favorite dinner of FRESH tamales...mmmmm
oXo  Happy Valentines Day!  oXo


Linda Starr said...

Oh Cindy, I love this photo. I feel a special kinship to ravens and crows. They make a gutteral noise in their throats when they are sitting on the telephone pole here and it's as if they are saying something important. I try repeating it back to them, but they usually fly away. Happy Valentines!

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda! thank you for the post. I remembered you like Ravens and crows from when I was working on the Raven wall sculptures :o) I have used the images I shot from that day on the Kenai for reference many, many times in my art. This was my FAVORITE image though. At the time these two Ravens were feeding each other some lichen, or moss from inside of a dead tree stump they were perched on. I edited this image in Photoshop by eliminating the background, posterizing, upping the blues and put a red berry in the beak :o)