Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

This was the view yesterday driving from Anchorage to Girdwood. I took this picture out the passenger window -I wasn't driving! It was pretty spectacular seeing Turnagain Arm meeting the Chugach Range. 
Mother Nature must have known that Alyeska Resort was having the 2009 North Face Vertical Challenge today, because we woke up to 8" inches of new snow and big, fluffy flakes are still falling! There is a lot going on this week including the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous which features the World Championship Sled Dog Races, Carnivals and the epic Running of the Reindeer.

Finished up the mountain sculptures and the customer was pleased. This is a picture of the trees getting welded to the mountains and background before heat treating and clear coating. It was a toss up of which one she wanted (I had made two different ones to take the pressure off both of us) but settled on the one I also liked. I was able to deliver the work and see where
the piece will be hung -the home was gorgeous. Did a bit of end of-week, mish mash, self-employed chores including; shipping, creating, Gallery delivery, cleaning, sales and making new tags. This is a quick shot of my business card/tags getting printed out to my laser printer. I keep a clean and dry area in the studio for computer work. Not "clean" as in orderly, but I try and keep it free of clay(!), paint, steel and glaze dust and moisture, which is not easy to do. 

I'll be using my big 'ol HP Laser printer to try the new ceramic laser toner decals I just got. Since it's just me, myself and I -with no assistants, the middle son has promised to make me some flat test tiles to demo the decals on. He's very talented and I wish he'd put his hands in clay as much as in truck engines... I've been too full-tilt with metal to make any new work in clay -but hopefully next week I'll be wearing the clay apron more than my welding helmet. There are some fun pieces that are ready to bisque which I'll post soon. I've been a bit calmer about trying the laser decals on clay after reading Cynthia's success and I was really inspired after seeing her results.


Red Hot Pottery said...

OMG, Cindy that first photo gave me chills!!!! (not just cuz it's cold, but it just soooo beautiful!) Your metal sculpture is just spectacular--of course your client loved it.
And thanks for the kind words on my blog--we will keep calm and carry on. As long as I have a bit o clay, I'll be alright.

cindy shake said...

Hi Christine! thanks for the post. I was really feeling for you this morning when I read your blog. There are soooo many people I know who are in similar situations. I was just telling my husband yesterday, how many more people I see in my favorite thrift store now! It will all be OK and we will all adjust, some better than others.

Yes, that's the view from Seward Highway (a scenic Byway) -can you believe it. Every time it is a bit different but always incredible. The tide comes in and out and today there are huge ice chunks in the Arm and snow is everywhere! My hand froze as I took the pic -we were going 65 mph!!

Patricia Griffin said...

Incredible view. I'm not much for snow and cold but you do convey the beauty of it. Awesome... Just like your metal sculpture. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the decals in your clay work.

cindy shake said...

Hi Patricia! thanks for the post :o) It really is beautiful here and getting out and in the Nature all winter helps the long, dark days pass a little easier! I'm so excited to use the decals, but as usual I don't have enough pieces made to try them out! I put texture on everything last time -silly me. The middle son made me half a dozen smooth tiles yesterday...yippee!