Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Explosive Eruptions and Ash Fall

We are still in Seattle and have a few days before we need to return to Anchorage, which may be good considering that the Alaska Volcano Observatory released information on the latest blast. "Another explosive eruption of Redoubt volcano occurred at approximately 15:29 AKDT. NWS reports a radar cloud top above 35,000 ft above sea level. Seismicity is still quite elevated." The Alaska Volcano observatory is now on Twitter. For ash fall advisories, refer to the National Weather Service Redoubt Coordination web page. The volcano images are from the March 27 and March 28 eruptions as captured by Dennis Anderson, taken from near Homer, Alaska.

Before I left for Seattle I was able to pop the kiln lid on the laser decal test pieces and take a couple of quick pictures. What I did (due to my tight schedule) is I applied duplicate decals over the first faded decals and refired lower and slower. I know this really wasn't the best way to get solid results but I hated wasting the pieces that didn't fire so well. In my larger kiln, it appears that lower and slower will work better for firing -kiln controller set to Slow Glaze setting at only ^07. This isn't actually a fair test and will require a few more firings to confirm my hypothesis because of the success that 
the first round of laser decals had when I used the Majolica gloss glaze. PLUS, I added the same small butterfly decal on the "Frog Prince" plate that had successfully fired on the Majolica, and when fired on the Matte glaze it wasn't nearly as clear and dark...hmmm. I'm really thinking the trouble lies with the decals being fired on my favorite Matte glazes. Bummer. So that means I need to crank out a few more pieces of ware and use some of my other glossy glazes -which I don't like as much. Hopefully the volcano will let me get back into the studio sooner rather than later!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

OMG!!!!! You never really sit around and think 'what if a volcano blows?" and there you are....
hey, the decals on pots look FAB!

cindy shake said...

Hi Gary, thanks for the post! Yeah, pretty wild to be reminded that Alaska really is in the "Ring of Fire" due to all of the volcanos. We've been through a couple of other intense ash falls and it gets a bit surreal because of the color outside.

Yes, I was a little more please on the second fire if the decals, thanks. Being down here is Seattle and checking out all of the GREAT art, my mind is racing with ideas!!! Can't wait to get home and get back to WORK and try some new decal ideas too :o)