Monday, March 30, 2009

Sculptural Sightseeing in Seattle

For now, the volcano is not in an eruption phase. A little huffing and puffing with steam plumes...but we're keeping our fingers crossed the airport will stay open so we can get back to Anchorage from Seattle. A handful of my artist friends who are glass makers and potters told me they are collecting the ash that fell in the Anchorage area for use in their art. Can't wait to see some of the results.

The Pacific Northwest has an incredibly large artist population. The galleries, outdoor sculpture,
ure, public art, studios and architectural design is fresh and invigorating. Artworks I've seen in very cool shops such as Fireworks (one of my longtime favorite haunts) has inspired me to try some new ideas and designs. Though my offspring are growing up, another new favorite store I visited was The Land of Nod. So sweet! I did find (and buy) a great book for the youngest "The Kid Who Named Pluto -and other stories of other extraordinary people in science" by Marc McCutcheon. 

On an outing in the Seattle U-District we came upon this cool sculpture. The entire outdoor sculpture is made of cast metal and titled "Lifes Motion" by Brad Rude, 2004. 


Orion Designs said...

What a fabulous sculpture you're featuring today! I hope you can get home soon - and safely.

cindy shake said...

Hi Vicki, thanks for the post. Isn't the sculpture wonderful!! It is all one piece and cast metal. It is hard to tell in the photo, but the sculpture is mounted to a "stump of wood" that is also cast metal and people use as seating. The center is/was a wheel thrown pottery bowl and the sticks/spokes mounted to the bowl -but the whole thing is one piece! It appears so fragile yet it is all permanently connected because of being cast -maybe it's bronze. It is difficult to tell due to the finishing enamels. We loved it!