Friday, June 5, 2009

Coming & Going

The sculptures have been delivered, priced and inventoried. some of the pieces had been queuing up in the Shop and garden area so it felt good to get them where they needed to be. Now, the Gallery will work their merchandising magic all before 5:00 pm tonight when the Show opens. "Mr. Mantis" got a ride thru town and turned some heads, riding high in the back of Will's truck. Oh, and Linda, I found out that the plant I picked out for "Mr. Mantis" is called a "Klanchoe."

I decided to include one of the clay masks in the Show. I liked how it turned out, especially after I mounted the clay face in the welded 
steel leaves and branches. I used a rust patina on the steel, then gave it a clear coat finish. The clay mask was fired at ^04 bisque and then I used blue, teal (sponging away surface glaze, leaving the color glazes in the details and crevasses) and clear Amaco matte glazes and fired to ^05.

During all of the coming and going, the guys returned home in good shape and with fun fish (and mosquito) stories to tell. Daddy-O was just in time to help me get the final pieces delivered to the Gallery. He also helped to drag out the boxes of "treasures" we are going to sell in our
 garage sale on Saturday. Just as all of the metal work left for the Gallery, neighbors brought over boxes, furniture and goodies for the garage sale. I know, I know, a GARAGE SALE TOO??!! Yes, since we have a big paved drive and the perfect in-city, corner location for "Early Birds" to see the huge fluorescent posters I made, we (I) initiated a multi-family garage sale at our house on Saturday. It was almost comical watching all of the odds and ends coming and going from our house yesterday! I kept visualizing us all as busy little army ants. I sometimes wonder what the residents of the apartment building across the street think, as they sit on their balcony and observe the non-traditional schedules we keep and the loading in, loading out and all of our coming & going. Though the garage is now stuffed with too much
retail excess to admit we own, the closets, cabinets and shed have never looked so good!

We're excited to see everyone who has said they'll be at the Show tonight (and my stomach is already rumbly-jumbly) but we are gong to miss our friend Bill Sabo's opening which is also tonight. D and I are going to try and swing by his Show early this afternoon before the formal opening and pick out a special piece to buy. A retired UAA art professor, Bill now spends his winters in St. Petersburg Florida and at the St. Pete Clay Company. Bill was instrumental in helping me get back into clay. Bill Sabo's Mixed Media Watercolor Collages and Mixed-Media Watercolor/Graphite Drawings will be at Terra Bella CafĂ©. Bill's First Friday opening starts tonight from 5:30 -8pm. 


Linda Starr said...

I love how your mask turned out and how you sponged on the glaze, it looks wonderful. Have you ever heard of Sulpher of Liver? Someone was telling me about that as a patina for some bails I was going to get for my barrel fired pendants. I'll bet the mantis turned some heads, he is so cool. I truly don't know where you get all your energy from - a garage sale too - unbelievable. Good luck at the show (and the garage sale), all your pieces are wonderful.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Holy cats, there you are, just driving sculpture around town...

judy coates perez said...

I love the pic of the mantis in the back of the truck. it sort of reminds me of an over excited dog going for a ride.