Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Me & the Dogs

They left. Packed some food (I saw a bag of jumbo marshmallows being put in the dry sack), grabbed the fishing gear, tent, sleeping bags and the new float boats and left. I knew the guys were outta' here as soon as we bought our fishing licenses this last weekend -only I didn't get to go! With the Show opening on Friday I don't need to Blog on about how much work I still want to cram in this week -and now I don't even have my cute apprentice around to help me!
Even though I was sulking a bit, look what I was greeted with yesterday morning! It's the first bloom of the summer on my Himalayan Blue Poppy. I love these flowers. They are on the western side of the house and will grow to be about 5' tall. They are very hardy and I've had them for about 6 years and every year their incredible blue color thrills me. Seeing the first bloom of my "Blue Hemi" put me in a flower and gardening mood so I rushed my morning production of welding, loaded a glaze kiln and went plant shopping. 
After all, Daddy-O left me the checkbook -right?!

The front garden area is currently doubling as "the weathering pen" for some of my sculptures that I want to
 have a nice rust patina started before the Show. I took a picture of the Rhubarb in the front because I can't beleive how much it's grown in one week. Look at the flowers I chose for Mr. Mantis, aren't they perfect? Originally I had a small pot of Pansy's but they didn't have enough height, so I switched them out with this flowering plant but don't know the name of it. I also bought some wonderful, large, hanging baskets of Lobelia
for the large plant stands/wind chimes I'll have at the Show.
The stands display so much better with actual hanging baskets on them. 

Since it was just me and the dogs, after flower shopping I treated myself to dinner at one of my favorite places, Burrito King drive-thru. Ordered the special of the day which was a enchilada, crispy Gringo taco with rice and beans -plus I ordered a side of Mexican goat cheese Quesadillas.....mmm! The only thing better was when I got home I popped the top on a frosty Mike's Hard Lime and dined alfresco on the deck with the doggies. Well actually, cooking marshmallows on the open fire with my guys would have been better. 


Linda Starr said...

Hi Cindy, Oh my goodness, I love that blue Himalayan poppy. The first time I ever saw one was when I did a landscaping job at the Monte Verde Inn 24 years ago and have never seen another since, till now, thank you for posting it. Will you please, please post another photo when it opens up big?

Your dogs look so cute and happy. I would love to be fishing too, but if I had a show I would also be glad I had the time to myself to get all organized, good luck with all you have to do.

Your work looks so beautiful, I've got to go and click on the photos up large so I can see all you've done and check out the flower on the mantis.

Orion Designs said...

I planted a Himalayan Blue Poppy about 8 years ago. It was beautiful, but it never came back :(

Patricia Griffin said...

Sounds like a pretty great day to me... even without the marshmallows! When your people come home, everyone will have stories to share. Garden images look great!

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda! Good idea to post more images of the Poppy -I'll do it. My poochies are very happy AND SPOILED!

Sorry about your poppy Vicki... I know that Alaska Botanical Garden will sell them at the upcoming Garden Fair. Was it near any ice fall -like where ice fell from the roof? My Bleeding Heart died from roof melt :o( -That kind of sounds like a country western song -hahaha!

Hi Patricia- You're right! They just got home and big fun was had -even though the mosquitoes were voracious -only the Robin's were fatter they said from feeding on all of the bugs! Bug bit and sunburned is always a good sign of good times :o)

ang said...

wow that poppy is huge!....so did ya go wild at the garden centre?