Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lucky Shake!

Me, Jessica (Kristen's roommate), Kristen, Gus and Derek in front of Air Liquide Anchorage with the NEW GRILL I won!

We were late arriving to the Opening Friday. Customers were lined up outside the Gallery waiting for the doors to open at 5pm I was told! WOW. Thank you to everyone who came and purchased my work. I am truly blessed. Here are a couple of pictures from the Show. The beautiful flower arrangement was sent by my parents, thank you Mom & Dad. By the time I made it to the back of the Gallery, there were just a few of the famous Half Moon cookies left. 

The reason we were late is that I got a phone call from Air Liquide (where I buy my welding supplies) that I w
as the Grand Prize Winner in their annual customer appreciation drawing!! ME!! The prize is this incredible Tuscany Gas Grill! When I got the phone call, as we were getting ready to go to the Show, I thought at first it was a joke call from the guys at Air Liquide knowing that I had my show opening Friday. 
The whole family, including Kristen and her roommate (who were down for the weekend, from UAF, taking care of some paperwork for their upcoming research cruises) piled in the car and went to Air Liquide to check out my prize! The grill didn't fit in our truck so Air Liquide was even kind enough to deliver it to our house Friday evening! Thank you Jay and all the crew at Air Liquide. Thank you to Chris, Christian, Abigail, Leslie, Sara, and everyone at Half Moon Creek Gallery for all that you did to host another wonderful Show.

We had the first BBQ on our deck after the garage sale on Saturday. The money I made on the garage sale, which was only about $200 was happily spent on a BBQ party. Making $200 is really quite a lot considering I didn't have anything priced over $2 -ha! I gave a lot of items away and had fun visiting with our neighbors, but admit by the end of the BBQ, I was wiped out. We had a good turnout and even saw Vicki and Rick, but I didn't have any cool stuff for sale like our other artist friend Brenda did. Thank goodness all of the big items were sold because it meant Daddy-O only had one truckload of unsold donations to drop off at the thrift store. 

For the post garage sale BBQ we invited family and friends to test drive the new Tuscany Gas Grill. D grilled up kabobs, ribs and brats. Mary and Jim, our next door neighbors made a fresh salad with greens from their garden and a yummy potato salad. We also had fresh strawberries, watermelon, coleslaw and plenty of ice cold beverages :o) For desert we had a fresh strawberry and rhubarb (from our garden) pie with french vanilla ice cream and a ginger-sherry bundt cake Mary made. With Kristen and her roommate coming down to Anchorage, a great turnout with good sales at the Show, combined with my lucky win, Friday was a GREAT day! 

Here is Big D saying good-bye (for now) to his little Webber. Though he is (was) a charcoal man, he has quickly become a propane man on our (my) new Grill!


Anji Gallanos said...

Wow!!! I didn't even know grills that big existed...(OK I did..but because we operate in a world of only small charcoal grill we choose to pretend there is not another option) If I bring some yummy spot prawn can we come over???

bye for now and congrats!!!


Linda Starr said...

Congrats on your great show and winning a BBQ, how lucky. I have heard a weber can be used for a barrel firing, te he.

cindy shake said...

MMMM Spot Prawns! Anji, let's throw some down on this big, bad, suburban queen grille -ha! We're with you- who knew these beasts existed (outside of Architectural Digest)! We honestly weren't sure if it was going to fit on our deck and still have room to eat. But let me assure you, our parties will never be the same!

HMMMM... barrel firing you say, Linda... ! Not sure I can get away with a barrel firing just yet, D is having separation anxiety. We'll have to "step" him away from the briquettes first!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

lucky INDEED!

cookingwithgas said...

That should hold a big ole'fat salamon or two!
Lucky you indeed!
Sounds like a great show and a burst of good times and good luck.
Love the flower too- look at that blue!

ang said...

oh well done...exciting stuff, don't trash the webber yet they're great for roasting especially pumpkin and meats...mmmmmmmm