Monday, July 13, 2009

In the Land of Art

I never thought it would be possible, but can there be such a thing as being on visual OVERLOAD? Or at least I think I am on inspiration overload! Seeing so much work by the many talented Pacific Northwest artists has inspired me to want to get back into the studio, slab roll some tiles, sculpt some clay, heat some copper or pound and weld some steel! We spent yesterday in Port Townsend doing the Gallery walk, but mainly our destination was to see the Juried Collage/Assemblage Exhibit at the Northwind Arts Center. there were many Galleries and shops showing a variety of artists and mediums. What I especially enjoyed was seeing the diversity of mediums, and REAL art, not too many sailboat watercolors or shrink wrapped prints! 

The Collage/Assemblage Exhibit at the Northwind Arts Center will be on display july 3 - 27 and my Dad had two pieces accepted 
for display! The first piece that I have posted here, is "I am not a he, I am not a she" and is an assemblage piece using fo
und objects, vintage illustrations and cast components. The second piece accepted was titled "Opposite Attraction" using three elements; day/night, up/down, and circle/square. My Dad's latest work has been inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell, (1903 - 1972) who some say is the originator of Assemblage work. The picture at the top was taken (with permission) inside the Gallery exhibit and shows my Dad and Grandma on the left.

A few of the Galleries that I enjoyed in PT were; Artisans on Taylor, Earthenworks, Gallery 9, April Fool & Penny Too and the Port Townsend Gallery. There are many other hip shops with new 
and vintage items for sale along the main road in downtown. We had a yummy pizza by the slice at Bay View Pizza and a full lunch at the Public House where locals say "Hippies & Retirees Agree the best fish n' chips are at The Public House!"

My sister (she is a professional and dedicated Nurse in Anchorage) and niece head North to Alaska today but not before we spend the day in downtown Seattle as touristas (more
 art for me to see!). My niece wants to see the Space Needle and my sister wants to shop at Pike Place Market. This picture is of my sis and I at our parents Big Five-Oh Anniversary party Saturday. Our Aunt Cindy was pouring us Grey Goose Lemon Drops (with fresh U-Pick raspberries!) to quench our thirst as we "manned" the grille! Gus and I are lucky to still have this week on the Olympic Peninsula. We will be experiencing the Sequim Lavender Festival and Studio Tours Friday. The Lavender Festival makes me think of my "across the miles" friend Linda. More pictures to post soon!


Linda Starr said...

What a great trip and time you are having; I can feel your exhuberance through your words and photos. Your dad's piece is wonderful. Thanks for the shout, the lavender is just about done here now, enjoy the festival there.

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda! thanks for the post :o) We are having a wonderful time and especially enjoying soaking up all the sunshine. Yes, isn't Dad's piece GREAT! He was so thrilled to be included with notable Assemblage artists!