Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rhonda at the Market!

Pike Place Market was wonderful. We filled our market bags with all kinds of treasures. One of the best surprises was seeing a friend of Derek and mine selling her cloisonne art! Rhonda has been making and selling her beautiful and original work at the Market since 1984. Look at the pair of earrings she gifted me! I bought my mom a lovely pair of moon earrings Mom just couldn't resist. The process for making cloisonne is quite detailed and involves bending tiny wires to hold the glass frit and several firings to achieve the finished piece. Not only is Rhonda an talented artist, she is an accomplished
horsewoman who does endurance riding. Check out her Blog and website.

One of my other purchases was a print by artist, Scott Lantz. I didn't have enough cash to purchase an original but would have in a heartbeat. His original acrylic paintings on masonite panel are fresh and vivid. The original I wanted was titled "Under the Clock." The painting was awash in natural light and captured the details of the Market clock on a sunny Seattle day. The print I purchased was similar to "Market Early A.M." because it reminded me of where Derek and I like to stay, The very romantic Inn at the Market and each morning we would dash across the street the glowing neon cup for our morning brew!

We helped Dad hang the Anniversary sculpture I made for them. It is a 45" x 45" circular seascape, plasma cut and welded steel depicting 5 Dungeness Crabs (1 for each grandkid) and Kristen's crab even has a little pair of glasses on! The two clay shells are my sister and I. The shells were cast from a giant Alaskan scallop and fired at ^o4 & 05. There are glass beads strung on copper wire and painted with exterior sign painters enamel. We hung it on the exterior of their house. I was inspired by their surrounding area near Dungeness, WA.


cookingwithgas said...

yummy crabs and I love the earrings- I had to go look!

ang said...

scotts painting are v cool love all the peeps ones...the market ones are speckie too..

cindy shake said...

Hi Meredith- they are yummy aren't they! I'm such a lucky girl :o)

Hi Ang! I wish you could see his work in person -they almost looked like photoshopped type of prints from original digital images -but you realize he has such a wonderful style and has the gift of capturing light weather on a sunny or rainy day. Fortunately, he had a few originals on display at his booth. Wish I had a little more $ and would have bought one :o)

Linda Starr said...

Boy those don't look like paintings, they are so real, love your crab family sculpture and those earrings are cool, got to check out the websites again.

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda! I will be thinking of you tomorrow -the Sequim Lavender Festival starts! We will be visiting Lavender farms as well as seeing the open studios. I will take pictures and post :o)

Cloisonne Art said...

Hi Cindy, I can't tell you how good it made me feel to see you and your family at the market. Thanks for the nice write up too :-)
Send me your email address sometime. All the best.