Friday, July 17, 2009

Sneak Preview

My Dad first met John Dach at an arts council meeting. John is originally an organic apple farmer from California, turned metals alchemist and foundry purveyor. Cynthia Thomas, John's wife is a talented sculptor who generously opened their studio to the 2009 Sequim Art Studio Tour. B making an appointment, Dad and I were able to have a sneak preview of their shop and studio yesterday, and what a good decision that was. Over 30,000(!) people are expected today through Sunday here in Sequim for the annual Lavender Festival and Art Studio Tour! I wanted to get this post made this morning before we head off the the street fair,
other studios and lavender farms on tour. Because Dad had made an appointment we had over an hour of personal time with John and Cynthia -but Dad and I could have stayed all day as we were 
fascinated with all of the tools and processes that they both use to make their art.

John and Cynthia graciously met with Dad and I yesterday, though I knew they were eyeball deep in preparations for the upcoming open studio tour. Cynthia is one of the main coordinators for the e
vent with Sequim Arts. Overhearing a couple of phone calls that came in while were were there, I was reflecting on my volunteer work for coordinating the ABG Outdoor Art Show
 -only x 1,000 for Cynthia! John even had crab pots that were waiting for him to pull in, but they both opened their work spaces and shared their passions with Dad and I loke long-lost friends. John even gave me a set of the coolest little tools called a C.R.A.B. (cleaner, rubber and burnisher) for cleaning and burnishing metal. I was thinking this may be something for my friends Vicki & Rick... Each little rubber nib contains tightly compacted glass fibers. 
But hands down, one of the coolest BIG tools we saw was John's metal sprayer. The mention of this machine caught my Dad's attention during their first meeting at the arts council. Dad knew this was a machine I'd be interested in seeing when we came to Sequim for our visit. The commercial applications range form oil derricks to boats to what John and Cynthia hope to use it for, ART. The machine can spray aluma-zinc and copper by using different spools of wire. John is also a skilled foundryman (I'm not sure this is the proper title) and makes 
casts and bronze sculptures from Cynthia's amazing clay sculptures. Her Metamorphosis Series are very spiritual and her Horse sculptures are so lifelike that Cynthia said the sculptures have caused some to say she "must have been a horse in a past life!" What I also appreciated was John and Cynthia's team approach to the art. Her originals combined with his skill at casting, finishing detail and patina work are symbiotic and beautiful. 

Woops! got to go, everyone is getting in the car for the BIG TOUR! More later.

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Linda Starr said...

Cynthia does powerful work, thanks for the preview.