Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall For Art Drive

We delivered the donation sculptures to the Girdwood Center for Visual Arts in Girdwood this morning. On the drive south, we enjoyed seeing Nature working on a whole new color palette. The Fireweed has now lost all of it’s magenta-pink flowers. I was thinking it is hard to compare Alaska’s foliage with the Aspen’s of Colorado or the rolling hills of color on the East Coast. However, in just a 40 minute drive south on the Seward Highway, a Scenic Byway here in Alaska, we saw a Cow 

Moose and her baby, Trumpeter Swans (in the image above my quickie digital camera didn't capture their true glory)  in Potter’s Marsh and Beluga Whales breeching in the Cook Inlet. That’s not including the Ravens, Jays, Magpies, Eagles and other smaller creatures we also saw along the way. The colors of the Birch and Fireweed Foliage added a beautiful backdrop to the abundance of wildlife today and the real bonus was not seeing a single RV!

This month’s featured artist at the GCVA is Anna Young and her water color works featuring “The Lost Art of Alaska Fishing.” The GCVA Gallery was looking a bit too full of co-op member's work, making it 

hard to appreciate all of the talented artists individually. I think it’s hard to strike a balance of “white space” or breathing room with full-on commerce, especially in a co-op setting.

The 3 swimming salmon wall sculpture was completed this week for a client. My clients who commissioned the piece have a house in Idaho they wanted a wall sculpture for. The space for the sculpture was a bit tight and the 

work needed to fit just right. I drew a chalk line out on the shop floor to show how the sculpture would fit in the space and sent a quick digital image of the sculpture to the client for approval and fortunately they loved it. I’ll hook up with them next week here in Anchorage to deliver the piece. 


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

dang, that fish sculpture = perfect!

Linda Starr said...

How I love the swans shown in your photo on the water. Gee, I don't like seeing RVs either, but we'll be living in ours till we find a new place to live. Love your fish sculpture and all your photographs are wonderful.

cindy shake said...

Thank you Gary, xox

cindy shake said...

To take a better picture of the swans, I wish I could have had your photography skills Linda! Their necks kept forming a heart shape, but I couldn't get a good picture.

It''s not the actual RV's that I mind, on the Seward Hwy. it's just the string of 10+ cars behind them I dislike, or worse their speed of 40, then 50, then back down to 35 mph in a 65 mph zone -ha!

ang said...

ha that's holiday season for ya...traffic! I saw 3 upside down vehicles on freeway and side roads, while in the UK never seen it before!! bizarre..