Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Tracks Anyone??

I know what Derek will be bidding on at the Fall for Art event this Saturday night...

Damp, yellow Birch leaves now cover our lawn and the dogs regularly track them into the house. The beautiful low bush cranberry bushes have turned a vivid scarlet. Weird and fun mushrooms are popping up everywhere emitting strange new smells. Fall is my favorite time of year and normally my most productive. Though lately I’m finding it hard to find a good production schedule  that's in sync with times of high inspiration corresponding with available time to actually work. Not 

that I’m complaining, but between homework, field trips, college kids needs, our FUN fall social commitments, the business end of my art and general household maintenance my brain is way full and my feet tired. The shopping, cooking, laundry, meal planning and other domestic items necessary for a happy home are now largely my turn now that Derek has returned to school, which is a bummer, because he is REALLY good at it!

I think when I have a full domestic brain it cuts off circulation to my creative brain. I had a mini creative block (which can cause a bit of panic) for a week or so but was completely re-inspired by getting a chance to help another artist with a new 

business venture. I can’t reveal what the project is but I can show you a couple of pictures of the pieces I’m working on for her! For now, I’ll call them the “covert Octopi” which are oxidizing from their patina bath outside right now!  Can't believe I'm saying this, but we need a bit of rain for the patina to be just perfect. 

Postscript: How cool is this?? Tauzer won the contest from Blanco Bob the Boxer in Maine! Thank Bob, you ROCK and your Mom creates fantastically creative  Cowgirl Goods!


cookingwithgas said...

Hi Cindy- I understand- we still have to run a house and a household and make work. Sometimes it is hard to blend the two.
And sometimes it all falls into place.
I love fall as well and can not wait to see the fall colors.
BTW- I need to go out and check my mini-ponies. I am having a hard time keeping them in the fence. You know how those ponies can be!

Linda Starr said...

I hear where you are coming from Cindy, about the household responsibilities. I feel like I am being pulled in so many different directions right now my head is spinning, so for now I have consoled myself with drawing in my journal and being creative in blog posts.

I love your octopi; creatures from the deep have always intrigued me and especially octopi with their unusual shape; I can just imagine their large heads (which I guess are partly their body too?) containing mysteries untold. Can't wait to see what is coming along for your collaboration.

Peter said...

Love your covert octopi! Also enjoyed your description of the coming of Fall with its colours and smells.
May your hands give form to your inspiration!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


cindy shake said...

hi Meredith- I love the new color of your studio :o) I also love the days when everything falls into place, like today; first the dentist (I needed a crown!), hair cut, new tags for the car, homework, music store, dinner and now it is sprinkling a bit on my Octopi for a nice patina! yippee!!

If you are at least drawing in your journal Linda you are a VERY GOOD GIRL!! With all that you have going on with the move you are still making time for art :o)

Peter, what a lovely thought, thank you.

xox Gary- I want a cool Top Cat Hat like you have for snow boarding!! and BTW, you have the largest cat I have ever seen!!!