Friday, September 4, 2009

A Great Way to Spend A Day

Get UP & Get Happy is the theme for this years fair and that's just what we did to celebrate my birthday. We found a parking spot in the front row and it was 2 for 1 day under clear blue skies at the Alaska State Fair! After we delivered the artwork to the Bad Girls of the North booth, we enjoyed a fresh tamale from the booth next door. Gus and I rode a few rides (2 for 1!), won a few games and ate some more at my favorite spot, “Taco Dans.”  I won at betting Orange on the Rat Race -10 to 1 odds too! We saw the new world record Cabbage at 125.9 pounds plus other HUGE Alaskan size veggies. Gus and I were inspired to enter the Veggie Art contest next year… Fed some of the livestock and picked out our favorite Holsteins, rabbits, pigs and sheep. We were able to see and visit with a lot of friends who were also enjoying a night out at the Fair. As the sun was setting, Derek and I dreamed of raising cows and goats and putting Gus in 4-H, but in the end we settled for fresh Alaska Berry Ice Cream and a romantic late-night drive back home.


Linda Starr said...

How fun, happy birthday again. I've always wanted to see some of those huge Alaskan vegetables. Just visit the farms to get a taste, way too much work to do it yourself. So good of you to mentor other artists - you are so supportive and a great role model. Thank goodness you were born in that old truck and it all turned out ok. What a story.

Peter said...

Wonderful day by the sound of it and a great description! Happy Birthday to you, sorry this is a couple of days late, I was determined to get a Happy Birthday to you on Thursday too!
My mind is boggling at the size of that 125.9 pound cabbage..., do you have nuclear power up there!?!
Love the photo of you two!
Really enjoying reading my way through your blog too, you do really exciting work.
Best Wishes, Peter & Laura

cindy shake said...

Hi Linda & Peter! Thank you both for the kind words! The same farmer at the Fair, Steve Hubacek broke his own record yesterday with ANOTHER cabbage nicknamed "The Beast" (!) at 127 pounds!!