Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Supporting" a Good Cause

Finished my Art Bra for the  “Foundations for Recovery” project. My friend Katie is an avid fly-fisherwoman and dedicated volunteer with the non-profit

 organization, Casting For Recovery. Katie told me about the fundraising project and I was excited to make an Art Bra for charity -what a fun idea. CFR offers fly-fishing retreats as an introduction for an alternative therapy to women who have had breast cancer and they believe "To Fish is to Hope." The Art Bras will be on display and viewed for the month of October (which is Breast Cancer Awareness month) then will be auctioned at the First Friday Gallery

Walk in November at Half Moon Creek Gallery in Anchorage.

My bra is titled “Alaska Women’s Training Bra”
It is plasma cut and welded from 22 gauge steel, based on the pattern of bra provided –only fortified with, a pair of reclaimed training wheels, galvanized gate latch for the bra hook, aluminum wire mesh bow and lined with faux fur for “comfort.” The idea for my “training bra” was that most Alaskan women are tough, resourceful, supportive, unique and beautiful and those are also the qualities a woman needs to fight cancer, any type of cancer. From CFR; “Cindy was motivated to work on this project because she is a good friend of Katie H. , one of the founders of CFR in Alaska that continues to be part of the program, she

 loves to fly fish, and because of her outlook as a leukemia survivor.  She directs her energy toward survivorship and the recognition of her mother-in-laws struggle with breast cancer.  She strives to focus on the people that are making it in the struggle to live fully -- to give hope -- in the face of the true but sad reality of cancer. Cindy is an Alaskan full time metal artist.  She was originally an illustrator and graphhic designer.  She turned to metqal sculpture after her leukemia diagnosis.  Her current work is with the commercial and residential market."

Here are some other links to Art Bra Projects.

The artful bras project, Bras for a Cause –Members of Quilters of South Carolina

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Peter said...

That is a really wonderful post, Cindy. I'm moved, and saddened, to read that you have had to struggle with such a horrible illness, but I am really interested to see the direction that you took with your art, from illustration and graphic design, to metal sculpture after your diagnosis. I guess the reason could be personal and I understand if you would rather not share it, but, was metal sculpture rather something you had always wanted to do, and and you thought, "darn it... I'll do it!"

The bra project is terrific. There was an exhibition in a gallery near here, maybe a year or so back, that was an exhibition of bras that woman with breast cancer had donated. There was a whole gallery wall full, and the effect was really powerful and thought provoking.

I love the training bra, it is just great!

Patricia Griffin said...

What a great project. I love your take on it and I think you definitely fit your description of Alaskan women - "Tough, resourceful, supportive, unique and beautiful..." Add talented and creative. Bravo Cindy!

cindy shake said...

Hi Peter! good to hear from you and thank you for the kind words. Art Bras seem to ignite everyone's imagination don't they?! No problem sharing my journey :o) With my design business for 20 years, I was on the computer more than I wanted to be which was ALL OF THE TIME. Graphic design was all digital -even my illustrations would need to be in the form of digital graphics. My recovery in 2001 from AML Leukemia seemed like a great "excuse" to have a career change. My family was extremely supportive to see me get out from behind computer systems!

I had always loved sculpture (though mainly had only worked in clay sculpture) and had worked with a blacksmith (which I ended up not enjoying forging work), and originally hand cut copper garden art with tin snips and rivets. My hand-cut garden sculptures lacked strength and size which was really frustrating and one thing led to another to find a stronger way to work in metal. I had a sold-out garden art show of hand-cut copper ravens, fish etc. and took all my money to the local Air Liquide (welding and gas supplier) and said "set me up to cut & weld steel!" They were so helpful. They let me demo various pieces of equipment in the demo room and I bought a plasma cutter and a wire feed welder. I have worked my tail off to learn and experiment. It is really a mans world of metal work, but I have been treated so fairly here in Anchorage that the experiences of others has really helped me to want to help others who want to work in metal.

cindy shake said...

Hi Patricia- thank you xox. BTW - I LOVE your "Endangered and Indigenous" series :o)

Peter said...

Hi Cindy,
Thank you so much for that. Best Wishes, P.

Christine--RHP said...

wow--when I read the title I knew there'd be a bra in there somewhere--I love it!!!! The training wheels are a riot!
and, of course learning more about you and your journey just deepens my regard for all that you do but also for your big heart.
thanks for sharing this Cindy!!

cindy shake said...

Oh how sweet of you, thank you Christine! I know the title wasn't too original but I couldn't resist -ha! I can't wait to see some of the other bras. Anchorage has wonderful fiber and beading artists -those will be the best bras and the titles should be even better.

Linda Starr said...

The training bra is so beautiful, original and fun. I really admire your strength, the fact you give so much, and are so supportive of others, thanks for sharing your personal journey. I am sure others will continue to be inspired by your creativity, art, and most of all by who you are.

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfull post on alternative therapy. It should be very much helpfull

Karim - Positive thinking