Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's A Giveaway!

Inspired by Cowgirl Goods’and Blanco Bob’s giveaway, I’m giving away two new favorite stickers. Girdwood is a ski town where Dogs rule and Girdwood Pets and Green Goods created this clever sticker as a play on the town’s nickname of Gird. Clever huh? If your not a Dog person (how can that be?), the AK sticker is for our fantastic state of Alaska. Both of these are up for grabs. Post a comment and which sticker you prefer. Two names will be picked this Friday at 5:00pm. Easy beezy, lemon squeezy.

One of my large (over 6’ tall) Tri-Sunflower sculptures sold the other day at the Gallery. We all really liked the sculpture, but it was also one of those works that had languished a bit longer than we all care to admit. Maybe too tall, too expensive, too many sunflowers, too much rust patina, too…? The good news is, it sold,

then wouldn’t you know it, another customer came in and said “I would like to buy those Sunflowers…!” The Gallery called and asked if I would make another sculpture like the one that had just sold. I had to run over to the Gallery and take a picture of it to make another because I had forgot what the composition was like! It's really hard for me to make two pieces exactly the same. I sometimes work in similar themes, or I'll work on a series of subjects but all of my works are originals. Good thing I went to take a look at the sold sculpture because I made it quite differently than I normally do, using thick rebar for the stems and I'd embellished the stems with some cool, thick reclaimed aluminum wire... both materials I had only limited amounts of!

So, after a quick run about town gathering supplies I’m making another Sunflower sculpture for the 2nd customer. Though no two sculptures are ever the same I hope it will have the same energy that attracted the customer to the Sold Sunflowers!


Anji Gallanos said...

Giveaway...yippee I am the first. I love the sunflowers...big fan as they just don't really grow here in Juneau. No two sunflowers are really the same either...so of course your sculptures will be different.

Michael Kline said...

Yay, a giveaway!! It's hard to decide between grrr and AK, which I tried saying out loud! Jack the puppy barked after he heard me say AK! So AK it will be if I am so lucky!!

Judy Shreve said...

Boy the sun moon & stars must have all aligned perfectly to get the sunflower lovers shopping! People are so quirky!

And yeah I am a definite dog lover -- well I happen to have the best dog in the world - Merlin the border collie! So that would be a GRRRd sticker for me.

I love give-aways! Maybe I'll have to have one on my blog soon.

cookingwithgas said...

AK! It has to be AK for me and I LOVE sunflowers- maybe they are just trying to hang on to summer!

Linda Starr said...

AK - Gary loves stickers and if I can't come to visit in person I can advertise Alaska if I win.

I was laughing reading about your sunflower being too this, too that, too, too - then you sell another one. I do that to myself maybe I should've done this and maybe I should've done that, sometimes the time has to be right or the right person has to come along. Sunflowers are happy flowers, I love them.

Patricia Griffin said...

Ha! That's funny about the sunflower sculpture. So often, I'll be just about ready to hide an old piece somewhere far, far, far from the gallery and then -- bingo -- someone will buy it. When that happens, my husband will say, "For every Jack, there's a Jill."

Anonymous said...

Grrrrd, Blanco Bob here! I'm all over that sticker, it would look soooo cool on my mom's truck. PLUS I'm a skijorring dog and my mom LOVES dog sledding and wants a whole team. Dad said, "NO!" I have to wear a coat but not when I'm skijorring. DOGS RULE!

Oh and my mom said, Congrats on the sale of the sunflower, that's awesome.