Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friend Friday and The Winners Are...

Thanks to those who left a comment for the sticker giveaway. There were pretty good odds for the winners, Michael Kline for the AK sticker and the Grrrd sticker going to Cowgirl Goods! E-mail me your address and I’ll pop them in the mail Monday.  Another big winner on Friday was ME!  The 1% For Art proposal "Bicycle Bloom" I submitted was selected as one of the five new outdoor sculptures that will be part of the Mt. View Drive Art Pole Project. With some minor design revisions to the original proposal I hope to start the production this winter with an expected installation date of Spring 2010. The location of “Bicycle Bloom” is currently slated for the corner of Mt. View Drive and Bragaw intersection. Pending the approval of the new

Credit Union One building project engineers, because as I understand the sculpture would be part of their easement. Great location and even better visibility! 

Other Friday night winners were all of the Casting For Recovery Art Bras! The opening celebration welcomed a packed house and bids on all of the bid sheets. It was fun to finally be able to visit the new 2 Friends Gallery. I had one of the “2 Friends” owners, also my friend, Georgia Blue pose at the start of the evening’s festivities. There was plenty of food and beverages and the CFR volunteers glowed wearing their bright pink fly fishing shirts. Thanks 2 Friends for hosting such a wonderful kick-off! The bras will be on display throughout the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness month) and all bid sheets and bras will gather for a special closing exhibition and final sale on Friday, November 6th at Half Moon Creek Gallery

in Anchorage. Here is an Anchorage Daily News link Fran Durner has put together (and a link to her Garden Blog). To see some of the Art Bras, scroll down to "Uplifting Art" and you'll see a selection of the clever, humorous, thoughtful, reflective and all original creations.

I had an apprentice visit my shop on Friday. My friend Steve Gordon and I welded up some armatures for his life drawing class he is teaching at Alaska Pacific University. Steve was a quick study but I admit it was a bit satisfying to show off my skills that I sometimes take for granted. Don’t worry my ego is completely in check –I’ve taken classes from Steve and have been put squarely in place more than once! Steve is an extremely talented painter, sculptor and 

craftsman, choosing to build all of his own canvases and works with only the finest of materials. It was fun having someone to work with Friday, I forget how lonely it can be working on your own the majority of the time and I realized just how loud I  keep the music, I had to keep turning it down so we could hear one another talk!


Peter said...

Firstly, Congratulations on the "Bicycle Bloom" proposal getting accepted, that is wonderful news.

Regarding your welding skills and your ego "being completely in check" ... Enjoy it, You do great work!

I've just had another look at your "work by Cindy Shake" photos and really loved the one of the Sandhill Crane on the back of the Ute (truck, pick up??). It looked so much like it was shaking and flapping those metal wings and trying to break free of captivity. It was metal, but it was living metal! Poignant, glorious, indignant about being captured, but victorious in being so alive anyway!

Linda Starr said...

Congratulations to all the winners including you Cindy, the bicycle bloom is really a wonderful concept, can't wait to see it in fruition.

cookingwithgas said...

Grrrrrr and AK! I didn't win!
You stay so busy. Your life is just abuzz. Anyone who thinks if you live in AK all you do is knit should look at this blog!
I can't wait to see what is up next!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh wow, action packed here, eh?

cindy shake said...

Thank you for your poetic words Peter -yes, I'm not sure the Sandhill Crane was happy to be transported in my son's truck -though he did drive slow!! BUT I have to post the most incredible images the client who purchased the Crane sent me -there are two MOOSE WHO BEDDED DOWN by the Crane in there yard! I promise I'll post the images soon.

Thank you Linda, I'm really, really excited to start gathering all my different types of Bicycles for the sculpture!

SORRY Meredith :o( I need to do another giveaway don't I??? Knitting? ha! But there are A LOT of quilters up here though!!

Gary I'm just trying to keep up with you but I don't even know how to post music on my Blog yet :o)

Patricia Griffin said...

Great "Bicycle Bloom" sculpture!!!! Congrats Cindy!