Monday, October 12, 2009

The Octopus is Out!

With grand opening’s, shows to prepare for, commissions being worked on and family fun all going on, when is a girl supposed to take care of business?! 

For family fun we are huge Wallace & Gromit fans, have all of their DVD’s and just finished watching their latest movie, “A Matter of Loaf & Death” which we gave two thumbs up. Though our favorite Wallace & Gromit movie is still “Curse of the Were-Rabbit,” perfect to see for Halloween.

The “covert Octopi” is now out in the open! Artist, Shara Dorris hired me to design and weld up some metal art for her new shop that will open this Friday at 410 G Street, in what is quickly becoming Anchorages new Arts District.

Octopus Ink Gallery will feature “recycled, reused, organic and

local art.” Shara is known for her line of unique organic, graphic T’s designed and screened by Shara herself. The large Octopus I made will be mounted on her new storefront in the now closed Tuliqi retail store. Tuliqi used to feature high-end items for all well-heeled beds and baths. I also made a half dozen custom Raven and Rebar face-outs for Shara’s shirts and a few other pieces of metal sculpture for an interior concrete wall that has the most amazing finish. Octopus Ink’s Grand Opening Reception is this Friday, October 16 from 4-9 pm. The Opening is highlighted by an evening of festivities and music with the also very talented Evan Phillips of the Whipsaw’s fame.

Trying to do my part of “taking care of business” I hired my photographer friend, Heather Thamm to shoot some of my commercial and “installed” sculptures. I have not done a good job of updating my portfolio with commissioned works as I should. This I realized when I submitted my design of "Bicycle Bloom" and applied for the 1%  For Art Mountain View Road Sculpture Project. The RFP requested each design proposal to include high quality images of up to 10 recent works... The truth is I’ve been too cheap to want to hire a professional photographer to shoot my recent works on location, recent as in at least the last two years –geeze has it been that long?!  Then I saw some photography my friend Heather shot, I was so blown away by her talent and use of light I was truly inspired

(to pry open my wallet) and asked her if she would have time to shoot a few of my sculptures. I realized I had quite a list of pieces I needed shot due to my lapse in taking care of business and due to time restraints needed to split the total number in

 half, some now, and some in the near future. I put together a shot list of the artwork, locations, contact names and budget, and fortunately, she squeezed me in. I’ll be picking up a CD this week of low-res and hi-res images! These images are a couple of thumbnails she e-mailed me. Thanks again Heather, what you are a

ble to capture through the lens is truly artful!

Oh, AND don’t worry for those of you that have given me your special requests to add to my production schedule for this year’s BAD GIRLS OF THE NORTH show! Yes, I’m working away on fun pieces for one of my favorite shows of the year. I’ll make postcards, but mark your calendar for Friday November 6, 4-9 pm, and Saturday November 7, 10-5 (yes, they will have a cash bar set up again!!) and make note of the NEW LOCATION, Bad Girls Anchorage will be at the Millennium Hotel on Spenard Road.


Orion Designs said...

Thanks for the Bad Girls shout-out!

Where are those 2 installations?? Your pieces fit perfectly and the photos are wonderful!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

new Wallace and Gromit for real??????????????
I love Octopus!

cindy shake said...

Thank you and you're welcome Vicki-The copper salmon are at Murray Orthoditics (braces) and the leaf sculptures shown are at Dr. Heather Sulte's Aspen Endodontics (root canals).

YES Gary! A new Wallace and Gromit, we couldn't believe our eyes last night walking through Blockbuster! Gus spotted it and lucky us, I even had a free movie coming!!

Cynthia said...

Great idea to hire a pro to shoot your work! I think as self employed artists, we tend to want to save money - but I think this will pay off in the long run!

ang said...

ooh your super busy, love the installation shots, i've also been getting a friend to shoot my work he has all the gear and take great the t-shirts and wish i could make it to a bad girls showm..

cookingwithgas said...

We love Wallace and Gromit and are big fans! Time for walkies.....
I will have to go hunt for the DVD.
Looks like you are busy again.
Love the otopus and I am in love with the leaves below- because you know I love fall!
Keep up the wonderful work. You are very busy!

Linda Starr said...

Wow, love seeing your installed work and how perfect for your octupus to grace the storefront of the new art gallery. I'll have to check into your website soon to see the photos, will you let us know when they'll be up?

cindy shake said...

hi all, thank yo so much for reading! yes, busy again but a good kind of busy. I love getting ready for the shows becasue afterwards I have cash in my wallet again, you know beer & pizza money -ha!

Yes, all artists should have professional shots of their work. The pro shots gets your work seen, shows it off in the best possible light and is ALWAYS worth it in the long run.

I'll take photos of the soirée Friday night Linda! I've been posting everything on this Blog site rather than my web site because I don't make the edits myself on my Blog and have to pay my IT guy to do it -so the Blog has been wonderful for all my new work etc. I only really change my web site once or twice a year.

OK, time for some CHEESE & CRACKERS Gromit!

Anonymous said...

I HAVE to come to Alaska! Can you put me on your gallery postcard mailing list? At least I can hang those on the fridge. Once again Cindy AMAZING ART, just AMAZING!

cindy shake said...

OK, Marjorie you're on! Give Bob a big squishy from me. xox

Linda Starr said...

I just posted something you might like, stop on over (doesn't hurt to get others to look at the sight anyway since I already posted before I read here).

cindy shake said...

Linda you are sooo kind :o) I LOVE the Crow toppers, I was thinking they should be done in Raku fired clay!!!