Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Snow in 99587

We were right. While we knew Anchorage was getting walloped by snow, it DUMPED in Girdwood! This is a picture of our street. The trees were so heavy with snow they formed arches for us to drive under! There was so much snow we couldn’t get up our stairs to the front door (do you like my $1.50 wreath I bought at the Thrift store this week hanging on the front door?!) without shoveling a path. Thankfully Bob with his front end loader had visited our house and the drive was clear. Over a foot in the last couple of days has left our neighborhood looking like a heavily frosted Gingerbread village and with four-wheel drive it’s lovely.


For my friends in Anchorage wanting some FRESH art, my friend Katie Sevigny just told me that she and the Upstairs Studio Artists at 406 G Street, between 4th & 5th Ave. -the stairs are located next to Pils Deli. are having an open to the public studio sale this Sunday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. For more information give Katie a call at 258-ARTS (2787).

CaFÉ Help: If you’re an Alaska artist (other artists may find this site informative as well because it is a National data base of Artist Opportunities) interested in participating or applying for % for Art projects, don’t miss this teleconference! The Alaska State Council on the Arts has just started using the paperless CaFÉ online application process for Calls for Art and other art projects. *This is not to be confused for applying for the Municipality of Anchorage 1% For Art Projects which is still a paper application process.

CaFE Teleconference for Alaska Visual Artist

Tuesday December 22, 2009 12:30-1:30 pm


Tuesday December 29, 2009 5:30-6:30 (repeat of Dec. 22)

The goal of this teleconference is to familiarize Alaska artists with the CaFÉ online application form and the application process for ASCA’s % for Art projects.

Please RSVP:
By phone to ASCA at 907-269-6610 or 1-888-278-7424 or e-mail <> before 9am on Monday December 21, or Monday December 28 (for the repeat offering of this session). You will receive the conference code when you RSVP.

Our neighbor's car waiting to be dug out after a "light dusting" of snow in Girdwood where "We HEART Snow!"


Patricia Griffin said...

The snow is so pretty, yet I am grateful to view it on your blog and relish the shirt-sleeve weather we had here today. Brrrrr.... Our worst "natural" disaster was having our dog skunked tonight in our backyard!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

holy cats, pretty, but better you than me!

cindy shake said...

Skunked! Oh, Patricia how did you remedy the smell?! Is it true you need to bathe them (the dog not the skunk) in tomato juice?

I loved the pictures you posted of your beautiful town Gary! Glad you are on Winter break too!

Patricia Griffin said...

Skunk remedy: 1 qrt hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons Calgon, 1 cup baking soda. Mix, slosh on dog, scrub, rinse... Presto! It works.

Before getting the skunk remedy, she was skunked one night at about 11... and all we had on hand was Ragu. She smelled like a spicy meat ball.

Linda Starr said...

the front door looks so welcoming and the snow is beautiful, happy holidays to you and your family. Ragu is better than patouli.

cookingwithgas said...

I love LOOKING at the snow from here- it LOOKS wonderful!
That is somea spicy doga tale you have going on there.

judy coates perez said...

Wow, you live in a log cabin! and the photo of the snow laden trees bending over the road looks like a wintery fairytale scene, so hauntingly beautiful.