Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Have Your Hands Made for the Holiday?

Southcentral Alaska has been under heavy snowfall and it’s been beautiful. Just in time for the Anchorage School District winter break which begins when the final bell rings today at 3:30pm. YIPPEE! Of course if it’s been dumping snow here in Anchorage we probably won’t even be able to make it up our deck stairs in Girdwood –Alyeska always gets a ton more snow than we do here in town. But we’re ready to scoop and shovel and give good directions to Bob, the front end loader driver who really does all of our plowing in Girdwood. With a relaxed production schedule I’ve been the one keeping up on the Anchorage driveway

and decks and I admit even with the big snow scoop my upper arms are sore. My studio table hasn’t seen much art production this week but the Studio has been looking more like Santa’s workshop. The table is the perfect height and size for wrapping and assembling gifts. Some get delivered to school today and others will travel with us down to Girdwood tomorrow.

For gift-giving I made some special Good Fortune Pea Pods that I have Blogged about before. I also plasma cut and welded my sister Chris a wildflower wall sculpture –though I didn’t know it at the time… The Gallery called me last week and said my sister was in and really, really, really liked the large wildflower wall sculpture they were getting ready to hang. It would fit perfectly on her entryway wall. I asked Chris at Half Moon Creek Gallery if she was sure my sister Chris didn’t say something to the effect of “I really like that sculpture because it looks like the one my sister made me” and Gallery Chris was positive that my sister Chris had

expressed interest (though probably in jest) in wanting that sculpture. Though I was a bit stumped, I told the Gallery thanks for the heads up, to set it aside and I’d be in to pick it up as it would be the perfect Holiday gift for my sister Chris. OK, so here’s the weird part. A couple of months ago I had welded three similar wildflower wall sculptures, two for the Gallery and one for my sister’s entryway after she asked me to make her one this summer. I thought I’d already given her the sculpture but instead I had taken all three to the Gallery and she never got the one I made especially for her –until Tuesday at lunch!! Chris (my sister) and I met for yummy Mexican food and we exchanged gifts for our kids and then walking to our cars, I “surprised” her with the sculpture I'd picked up from the Gallery!

The picture is cropped because it’s just a quick “inventory” shot. I try and shoot every piece before it heads out of the Studio just for my files. Chris’ piece is just over 5’ long, with a clear coat finish and she was absolutely thrilled to get it and thought the whole story was even funnier. Along with the Pea Pods, a couple of wall sculptures and smaller metal ornaments, I’ll probably be making some small, 3x5 water color mountain paintings this weekend as well as some Holiday cookies. So what are your hands making for Holiday gifts for friends and family?


cookingwithgas said...

can I change my name to "Cindy's sister Chris"?
I bet she is thrilled! I sure would be.
I am sorting through old pictures and giving both kids albums plus some other stuff but I had to work backwards to figure it all out!
Good grief you would think I would have done this over the last 3o plus years!
And since we are scaling down at the moment on gift giving- with the exception of the kids- unless you are directly related to me I am not doing much.
But then again I did change my name just call me Chris.
Happy Hoildays Cindy!

Linda Starr said...

We once had a car my sister wanted to trade us for an old bus she had, we sold the car and she was disappointed. But at the time we thought she was kidding. I've made a few ornaments and other items and hope I can meet up with some blogging friends to give presents if I can get them fired. We plan on spending a quiet time here in the fog in our RV due. Happy holidays to you and your family.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

totally pretty pic, snow and purple sky :)

Anonymous said...

you gotta love a plasma welder, if they had them when i was a sculptor, i might still be one. lovely photo with the snow.

Anonymous said...

My Good Fortune Pea Pod is on our tree and I have a feeling will be out all year. As for the snow...don't you HATE shoveling the deck? I do. As for what my hands have been making chocolate covered pretzels. They're all fancy and so tasty. Still need to bake some cookies and next week some Christmas Breads.