Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good News/Bad News Makes For Even Steven

Susan Ellis of Artique was kind enough to meet me at the Gallery early yesterday morning so I could deliver my three sculpture pieces for the upcoming show. I was lucky to find a parking meter right in front of the Gallery downtown that still had over an hour on it! In my family, anytime we have a bit of good luck we say “I found a dime!” The other good news is that I was pleasantly surprised to find that Artique is featuring my “Spring Nest Topiary” on the promotional material and the poster looked lovely. A perfect grouping of artist’s works celebrating the coming of Spring and not too soon –this snow is getting old.

The bad news is I received a rejection e-mail from the Artful Home Call for Ornaments.

“Hello Cindy, Our ornament team has been frantically working to put together the 2010 Artful Home Ornament Collection, and it was wonderful to see your ornament. I am sorry to tell you that at this point, your ornament has not been selected. As we expand the non-glass offering for next year, we will have a much better idea of what possibilities are out there. (Huh?...) Thank you for submitting to the Ornament Jury.”

I suspected my copper, Good Fortune Pea Pod would not be included after I saw a Blog post on The Artful Life, the Artful Home Blog that included a photo of a table full of glass ball ornament submissions. I looked at the photo and didn’t see any copper pea pods anywhere in the heap of glass ornaments… oh well. Technically, my "Good Fortune Pea Pod" is not an “ornament” but the merchandising folks at Artful Home thought that’s where the pod would fit best -Not. It does save me from having to make over 100 of those suckers because even after making just two dozen of them my fingertips are raw!

The other bad news is that Gus’ 6th grade play has been postponed yet again from this Friday to next Friday, April 9th. Originally, the play was supposed to happen

in March but the class was not even close to being ready. The reason for the postponement this time is that a new rule within the Anchorage School District is that there can be no after school activities during certain religious holidays… As the volunteer parent coordinator and backdrop/set design artist, I really was hoping we could get this production over with but on the positive side, the additional rehearsal time will benefit the kids. The tough part for me was fielding the frustrated (angry) calls from parents who have had to change their already full calendars again –I didn't determine any of the dates for the play and I still don’t understand how parents think I can possibly be responsible for the Easter Holiday OR a new ASD policy. Now, the GOOD NEWS about the play being moved to NEXT Friday is now Daddy-O and I are free to attend all the First Friday art events this Friday night in Anchorage!! YAAAY! Hey, maybe I did subconsciously have something to do with the Easter Bunny not wanting to see “The Princess and the Pea” this Friday…


Christine B. said...

Sorry to hear the parents bawled you out. No good deed (like volunteering at school) goes unpunished, eh?

Christine in Alaska

cookingwithgas said...

the silver lining- spending time with loved one!
I love the pea and think it would be a great ornament!
Then again they did not ask me- but I think it is fun and appealing!
Tasty looking!
We are looking at 80 tomorrow!