Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blaming Ned

To ensure I have enough “inventory” for the Spenard Farmers Market on Saturday, my production schedule has been carefully planned out. This will be a brand new venue for me to sell my metal sculptures and considering that most of the customers will more than likely be locals shopping for fresh veggies and fresh caught seafood, I tried to keep the pieces fun. It’s been a push to have enough work

for Saturday’s event with coming off of the Half Moon Gallery Show and re-stocking Katie’s Gallery and Homer’s Fireweed Gallery –but this is the time of year I try to make up for the slower sales that happen every winter.

The temps have finally warmed enough to put two new hanging baskets out on the plant stands I made. They sell much better showing off their

“functionality.” As a gardener’s rule of thumb “when the Birch leaves are the size of a squirrel’s ear” it’s O.K. to set plants out and FINALLY this week our Birch trees leafed out. Not that Alaska still won’t have an overnight freeze in May… I’m normally not a Marigold person, but these baskets that had Marigolds and fuchsia Lobelia were too hard to pass up! I thought the color combination was great. Yesterday was my cut-off for welding up things for Saturday’s Spenard Farmers Market

and I’d wanted to make a couple of “Neds” –a fun character that customers like to stick in their garden. I’d put a drawing of him somewhere in my idea files, somewhere in the studio… Looking for Ned lead me to clean-up, organize and categorize my entire collection of patterns, image references and idea folders!! Aye –yi-yi, I can get so easily distracted from the task at hand! But hey, all of my files and large portfolio’s have never looked so good! Thanks, Ned!



Linda Starr said...

Great postcard and Ned has lots of personality, he reminds me of someone but not sure who; have a great sale.

ang said...

hey i like ned!!! and kinda has fries coming outta his head...:P

Hollis Engley said...

Ned looks like a good guy to have around. And, Cindy, how did I not have you in my blog list until today?

Patricia Griffin said...

You are one busy lady! The postcard with your sheep looks baaaaaaad! (in a good way!)