Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Inspirations

First, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all my mommy friends, and especially to MY Mom! I’m lucky because I get to share Mother’s Day with my Mom today as the folks arrived in Anchorage Thursday night for my nephew’s graduation on Monday. The mama llama's are celebrating with the whole family by going to the opening of the Saturday Market and eat funnel cake and Gyro's! The card I found for my Mom

shows a cover photo of a crowded beach scene with hundreds of sunbathers and says “Can you spot the Mom in the photo?” After my Dad, Gus and Derek looked at the photo for a few minutes and took their guesses the inside of the card

reads “She’s the one still back at the car unloading the coolers, beach blankets, beach chairs and toys!”

With all the art delivered up to Half Moon Creek on Thursday, I was able to fully enjoy

Gus’ 6th grade, all day field trip to Seward on Friday. Daddy-O and I were lucky to be included as chaperones to the Alaska SeaLife Center and then on a Grey Whale watch cruise with the class. We learned all about

cephalopods with hands on science at the Center and took water samples aboard the cruise. The Alaska SeaLife Center has always inspired me and Friday was no exception! I took a lot of digital pictures and will start sorting and printing new images that will hopefully soon become the impetus for new artmaking!

The Show yesterday at Half Moon Creek Gallery was wonderful under clear-blue, sunny skies.

We decided it would best be described as a “soft opening” as the girls still have so much work to do to get the Gallery as they really want it to be. The new Bullseye Glass Center was a hit even as crates of new inventory were being unloaded. With only a fraction of works from other artists on display, we had a huge supportive crowd that was happily hauling my metal work out the door to new homes! Thank you to everyone who made the Show a success. I’ve been so inspired the last few weeks and being able to visit with all the GREAT customers truly re-energized me to make even more art for the upcoming Spenard Farmers Market on May 22. Mark your calendars -there's more art and fun ahead!

Loyal Half Moon Creek Gallery customers, Lloyd and Joanne with Joanne's Mother's Day gift from Lloyd!
Happy Mother's Day Joanne!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

funnel cake? :)

cindy shake said...

Batter poured through a funnel into hot oil in a squiggle pattern and deep fried until golden brown -topped with powdered sugar and fresh berry jam! Mmmmm!
But this was AFTER the fresh TAMALES and GYRO'S!!

ang said...

so great to see peeps enjoying your work, wow and lots there is!!

Tracey Broome said...

Yum, funnel cake!!
Lucky girl there with the sheep, what a nice Mother's Day gift. glad the day went well, you worked hard you deserved it!

Linda Starr said...

Nice to see you and your family's smiling faces; great orange color in the octopus.

Christine B. said...

I drove out to the show and took some pics (none as good as yours). I included a link to your blog in my post about the opening.

Christine in Anchorage

Anonymous said...

happy mother's day and congrats on moving those metal sheep.