Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting the Sheep & Ravens Ready For Market

The Half Moon Creek soft opening is behind us, graduation was attended, parental units were delivered safely to the airport Tuesday morning and the art making pushes on! I LOVE having all my kids and family in one place –what a treat it’s been. Of course, a little too much food and drink for 5 days running but so many laughs and hugs it was hard to see my folks leave. William had to work over the weekend but the whole family delivered his favorite Kaladi Americano with Heaven in the lumber yard drive-thru –how’s that for family love?!

Before Kristen returns to UAF for more scientific endeavors she is getting her creative fix with Katie Sevigny’s life drawing sessions and helping me on a few projects. While she is here for a few more days I put her sewing skills to work! I’ve been collaborating on a few fabric projects with my friend Jana, who owns Cabin Fever and the Quilted Raven. We are working on Raven Garden Flags that will be kits for her quilt customers and finished flags for my customers at the upcoming Spenard Farmers Market.

Kristen helped me sew up a few samples on my vintage Singer Athena 2000 sewing machine (I got it off Cr@igs list for FREE a few years ago!) –she didn’t complain once though she did offer to run to the store to buy me a new machine… All that sea water sample taking has given her tremendous patience! While the offspring was busy sewing in what was looking like an Alaskan sweatshop, I kicked the production level back into high gear for plasma cutting and welding. A bunch of new Halibut and Dragonfly ornaments are waiting to be tagged and shipped. Both Katie Sevigny Gallery and in Homer were in need of new pieces, PLUS I’m gearing up with some new Garden Art for the new Spenard Farmers Market that opens May 22. Along with the Raven Garden Flags, I’m excited to make some more "Steel Wool" sheep and take them to market!


cookingwithgas said...

life sure gets busy when the snow melts out your way!

Orion Designs said...

You are one busy woman! I'll be anxious to hear about the Spenard Market.

ang said...

keep on cranking cindy you're on a roll with those your flag idea too very marketty..

Linda Starr said...

The raven flags are great idea, so bright and festive, nice you have your family to help and visit with too.