Friday, June 25, 2010

Midsummer Gala in the Garden

Encaustic & mixed media artist Sheary Clough Suiter, glass artist Laura Mendola and myself enjoy sunshine, friendship and art along with a nice chilled glass of wine at the 2010 ABG Outdoor Art Show and Gala

The Midsummer Gala in the Garden was a prelude to the 13th Annual Alaska Botanical Garden Fair and Outdoor Art Show. All week cloudy, cool rainy skies kept the volunteer committees wondering if we would need more tents for our opening event and as if the garden spirits and wood sprites were looking out for us, the clouds parted and the
sun shone on a capacity crowd at the 2010 ABG Gala! As the volunteer Art Show Coordinator my job doesn’t end until the last piece of art is safely purchased, delivered or picked up on the last day of the Fair on Sunday but a large part of my job was completed last night and it was time for a little libation celebrating fresh air, great art and friends! As the music
played under the arbor, wine glasses clinked and patrons filled their plates with incredible food including smoked salmon fillets, shrimp on ice, Quinoa Tabbouleh, chocolate dipped strawberries, and then we SOLD SOME ART BABY! 50% of the sales on each piece of art benefits the Garden and we sold pieces in all price ranges from $300 to $4,200. The most satisfying was not only selling over half of the works submitted but seeing two new artists to the event selling all three
of their submitted sculptures! The People’s Choice voting is underway and Garden Fair goers will have a chance to see all of the work on display through Sunday and cast their vote –a huge basket of art supplies awaits the winning lucky artist! So far, I have some catching up to do with “Solstice Love” running in second to Marieke Heatwole’s “Karmic Instruction.” I shouldn't say which piece I voted for last night but it wasn't
mine there were more deserving works in the Show but I can share it was between Rick Potter’s “Trimorphic” and Marieke’s. I can also say that I think Daddy-O and I canceled each other out as he had cash in hand to purchase Rick’s piece but was beat to the punch by a longtime supporter of the Garden who arrived early to snatch up Rick’s wonderful sculpture. If you're in Anchorage and missed the Gala there’s still time to experience the work of a select group of Artist’s in one of Alaska’s most inspiring outdoor venues. The ABG Garden Fair is this weekend Saturday 11 -6 (early entry for members at 10am) and Sunday 11 -5. Come say hi, I'm the Art Show hostess through the weekend. THEN go say hi to Daddy-O and Gus at the Spenard Farmers Market Saturday, 10-3 Gus and Derek will be "manning" our booth!

Marieke Heatwole poses with her "Karmic Instruction" in which the center columns spin.

Rick Potter's "Trimorphic" sculpture of steel, aluminum, copper, brass, copper. 32" w x 84" tall

Isolde Gibson's "Lichen" hand built ceramic urn 18.5" x 13"


Christine--RHP said...

wow--those are some beauties!! What a great event!

Linda Starr said...

I'd love to be up there for that event, all the pieces look so wonderfully creative.

Tracey Broome said...

I know, WOW! Really beautiful work up there in the frozen tundra!!

Christine B. said...

I hope there is still some garden art goodies left for Saturday! I'm volunteering in the ABG plant area tomorrow...luckily under a tarp in case it rains as in years past.

Christine in Anchorage

ang said...

gorgeous! that must be one of the best settings for a show hope you do really well at this one...opening night looks great!

Orion Designs said...

Thanks for making the event so wonderful Cindy! Rick was on a high all day today :)