Monday, June 28, 2010

Watering the Soul

My favorite Garden event has come and gone. As the Volunteer Art Show Coordinator, I was pleased to see the last of the sculptures loaded out of the Alaska Botanical Garden Fair and Outdoor Art Show yesterday under wet, gray skies but the positive comments on the art kept my disposition sunny. There was even an opportunity for me to do some Plein Air work on Saturday while I was art sitting the Show. A bit out of practice but painting and drawing out in the fresh

garden air actually felt like I was replenishing my soul. I sold two of my three sculptures, “Crescent Moon” was delivered last night and I will deliver “Lambelia” to the Lowenfel’s house today. The event sold more works than last year and judging from the comments and voting for the People’s Choice Award, the show has evolved to feature more confident and professional works of art. Congratulations to Marieke’s “Karmic Instructions” win

ning the 2010 People’s Choice Award. Click here for a copy of the sculpture Artists brochure I put together for the Show and here for the painters/mixed media brochure. “Solstice Love” is still for sale but there were two customers who wanted to find just the right place it in their garden before committing to buying. The sculpture has a relative small footprint but needs a lot of space for good visual placement at 73” wide x 85” tall x 45” deep. This year the trend seemed to be more gardeners but gardens and landscaping being done in smaller spaces. Overall budgets were also a bit smaller than in

years past and much consideration and more thoughtful conversations were taking place before purchases. A big help this year (especially for Daddy-O who has been the Show's muscle every year!) was the youthful strength of the 9-Star volunteers helping customers and artists haul out the sculptures via 4 wheeler. No rest for me today though, I’ve got to replenish Katie’s Gallery with works as she has sold out(!) and the Spenard Farmers Market awaits us this Saturday… m-u-s-t g-o t-o t-h-e s-h-o-p and c-u-t the m-e-t-a-l then w-e-l-d the m-e-t-a-l…

Thought you'd like to see Gina Hollomon's large, pit fired "Berry Patch Bear" at the Alaska Botanical Garden Show.

For a contrast to the green, lush, warm Garden, Kristen sent us the latest pictures from the top of the world. Their captain gave everyone “Ice Liberty” in the Arctic! She said she and fellow grad students really enjoyed the experience. The man with the gun that Kristen is “strong arming” with is one of four official Polar Bear watchmen –fortunately, his “expertise” was not needed… Here is a great link showing more of NASA’s Arctic Ice 2010.


Tracey Broome said...

You guys are having toooo much fun up there! That is a great photo of you painting. Looks like a blissful moment. There were a lot of iron sculptures in the gardens at the house we stayed at on vacation, I should have taken some photos for you, dang! I may have one of the hummingbird, I'll have to look.

cookingwithgas said...

Top of the world!
You had RAIN and cool temps!
Darn- we are still hot as $%^&^%$%^
Tomorrow they are saying 85- really after days of 100 it will be great!
Now- get to work!

Linda Starr said...

congrats on selling two of your sculptures, I sure would enjoy an event like that, great photo of you, there is something so wonderful seeing someone standing at an easel painting. I posted a photo of inspiration for you on my latest blog, a goat I envisioned as one of your sculptures.

Patricia Griffin said...

What a weather contrast... Hey, I love to delve into plein air painting, actually with pastels. I suck at it, but I love to do it nonetheless. Hours and hours can flow by and, before you know it, all the light is gone and it's time to go home. Ah well, a great day.

Congrats on your two sculptures!

ang said...

what a great wkd....back to the metal for you!! selling out is fantastic..

coffee miklos said...

Such a lovely atmosphere to work in. And you just can't beat the positive reinforcement of sales.