Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Food, Friends and Fun

So much for dropping any weight before my class reunion (Dimond High Class of 80) this weekend! Denny and Kay were visiting us from Chandler, AZ (they’re originally from Kansas City, MO). We enjoyed a full week of fun, family and FOOD! I think we ate our way through their visit, indulging every meal with plenty of beverages… We ate everything from fresh

grilled seafood on our BBQ from the Spenard Farmers Market to dining out on prime rib and pasta at the Glacier Brewhouse. Desserts at the Brewhouse are always a must –I LOVE their Crème Brulee, Daddy-O ate the Peanut Butter Pie, Kay had the Cheesecake Sundae but Denny opted for a dessert of another Old Fashioned!

Not to skip a day of good eating…Our friend Kristina invited us to a surprise birthday party last night for another friend of ours and

we dined on catered Japanese food from Dami Restaurant. Yum! That’s the beautiful Kristina pictured next to me (below, not the two dogs) –you can see my new haircut I got for the reunion in lieu of any weight loss. I thought about submitting a photo of Kristina to my class reunion committee instead of me in my Carhartts and welding helmet, but I didn’t want to disappoint the guys come Friday night at the pre-function mixer! Don’t worry Daddy-O and I have actually been keeping our figures quite trim with daily walkies (more like joggies) with the Amazing Nimbus! He continues to adjust to his new life in the great outdoors of Alaska and even got his first whiff of a moose last

night which is like doggie catnip! I finally fired up the new plasma cutter (Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52) this week too –WOW, now that’s POWER -I’m ready to cut out some FUN new steel work for the Market –right after I figure out what’s for dinner…


cookingwithgas said...

I love some family time- we are all so busy it is nice to eat, drink and laugh!
Don't you change a thing! You are a beauty just the way you are.
Have fun at the reunion - I went to 30 and it was so much fun!
number 40 coming up-yikes!

Tracey Broome said...

I went to my 10th reunion, hated it, didn't fit in at all, of course I never fit in at my High School so I wasn't expecting much :)
I love the photo of you with the fish. You should frame that one, great pic!

ang said...

that last picture!!! heheheh so you were hungry???

Patricia Griffin said...

Have a great time at the class reunion! Be a sensation... or cause a sensation!... Regarding Nimbus, he's sensational as well. Though we don't have moose catnip here, we find that skunk has an appeal all it's own.

Judy Shreve said...

What fun to eat & laugh with family & friends! And I agree - don't change a thing -- you look mar-va-lous!
Have fun at the reunion!

Linda Starr said...

Hope you are recovering from your class renunion; great photo of you (both of them), and those prawns look so good.