Thursday, December 23, 2010


We have raised a family of Believers. Between older siblings, jaded friends or adults who misspeak at a Holiday party, you’d like to believe that your children will come to a natural conclusion in time about the existence of Santa Claus. When each of our three children hit 12 or 13 years old we had to have “the talk” with them –the talk about Santa… I was really hoping Gus understood the spirit and existence of Santa Claus, unfortunately he was still hanging on this year, so I had to have “the talk” with him a couple weeks ago. I didn’t want any of his friends to tease him at school or other kids to be cruel –but thankfully he was very discreet in his beliefs. He took the news in stride and had suspected that things were coming to and end but didn’t want to let completely go of believing. I told him that the spirit of Santa will always come to our house –which, in kid terms really means he still receives an unwrapped, larger present left in

front of the tree Christmas Eve, complete with the family stockings stuffed with goodies (shopping for the stocking stuffers has always been one of my favorite things!). I thought the presents were what was most important to Gus, but it turns out that what he really enjoys are the Christmas eve Santa Tracker updates! He gently asked me if the new spirit of Santa will still let us track Santa tomorrow night. “Of course!” I answered because tracking Santa is still one of my other favorite Holiday things to do with the family! For all of you Believers here is the link to the NORAD Santa Tracker.


Merry Christmas!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Merry Christmas to you too :)

cookingwithgas said...

Merry Christmas Cindy!
With you in their lives and ours we will always have something to believe in!
Sending you love for the holidays!

Patricia Griffin said...

You make me want to believe in Santa too!... We splurged on a meal out with all of our visiting family members tonight and then watched the movie "Elf" with all of us singing Christmas carols at the end. I'm glad the adult "kids" in the family are all goofy enough to do that with us. Merry Christmas!

Linda Starr said...

How sweet about Gus, there's still a Santa Claus in my book bringing joy to so many children around the world.

judy coates perez said...

Merry Christmas Cindy!

ang said...

sweet!! the santa tracker is quite the news item here!!:))
Merry Christmas hope you have a great holiday season..