Friday, April 22, 2011

Brown Hurts My Head

What a crazy busy week that’s winding up for a crazy busy month. Customers are thinking garden art, Gus tests for his Purple Belt tomorrow (if he’s feeling better…), family arrives the first part of May for Kristen’s graduation, the Market opens May 21 and the Gallery is busy, busy, busy with tourists hitting Alaska early. All good, just time to pace myself and balance work, family and fun –never a problem for the FUN part! My volunteer, Vendor Coordinator duties are in full swing

for the Market and though FUNdraising can be tough we choose to tie a great big concert party to it! The Spenard Farmers Market celebrated our first birthday party last night at Tap Root with great tunes from Amy Lou, Emily Kurn and Hot Dish. In keeping with the theme of Brown (the predominant color still here in Anchorage), my beverage of choice last night was a yummy Kenai Nut Brown –ooooweeee! It was fun to have our core group of Market Volunteers cut loose, enjoy our friendship and not be sitting around conference tables with our laptops, giant calendars and planning books in front of us!

The e-mail requests have been coming in for what customers want at the opening Market day for my Garden Art

Show. My “Steel Wool” sheep are at the top of the “must-haves” good thing they are fun to make. I’m also making up a few topiary style sheep, sans steel wool for customers. I’m moving a bit slow this morning due to all of the Brown(!) but I’ve got a full day of production planned, a trip down to SteelFab, and even a little (or a lot) of mommying –both Derek and Gus are home sick with wicked sore throats and colds. To shield the germs, I’m gong to keep my welding helmet on with the shield pulled DOWN!


Anonymous said...

I kind of wished I had those sheep in my yard. They might eat less hay.

cookingwithgas said...

I do love those sheep!
Life is off to a banging start for you!

Trish said...

Baaaa to the browns in our fields and backyards at the moment too. OH for the greens! :)..great sheep.
Do you create brown trout,Cindy? My avid flyfisherman husband has a couple of raku fish that I made, and I think a few of your creations to swim along side would be terrific. Send me details, please. Thanks. Trish

ang said...

groovy sheeps!!! looks like you're hard at it again C..