Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Think Geek

A pair of new seascape sculptures will be on their way to the Fireweed Gallery in Homer this week. As soon as they were dry enough to move, I made way for some more Garden Flags to be made. Switching from wet, messy sign painters enamel, to a dry, clean surface for sewing is tricky. I tend to get paint EVERYWHERE! I go through rolls and rolls of recycled newsprint and multiple pairs of latex gloves but still managed to have flecks of bright orange paint on my slippers (yes I was working in the studio in my slippers)!

For the upcoming Spenard Farmers Market I’ve made several sets of the Raven Garden Flags and wanted to have these smaller designs on flags for sale too. For now I just call them the “lucky flags” with 5 main designs that I place iron on transfers onto cotton batik fabrics and sew them onto various colors of double wide bias. I really like the look and design of these 5 elements but need to come up with a better name. I’ve had a set flying in my garden for a couple of years when I first made the “lucky flag"

set and think they will be popular like the Raven Flags. Tracey even had her gifted set of Raven flags flying at her Shakori Hill Grassroots Music Festival booth! Fun to see the flags flying so far south in some place warm -Thanks Tracey! Crazy busy now getting geared up for the Market between my volunteer vendor coordinator responsibilities, making enough inventory and the houses and yards

emerging from a very l-o-n-g hard winter, there is much to do. Daddy-O, Will and Gus are eyeing the end of the school year (I've set the rakes out...) and I’ll have my shop boys back –and not a minute too soon!

What a fun Easter Bunny Day we had with the offspring! Kristen was able to surprise us with a stop-over on her way down to the spring Seward line science cruise. Not only did she help her little brother dye the eggs but her and I surfed one of her and her lab mate’s web site faves, Think Geek. We couldn’t help but order this, this (for Daddy-O) and even this (for Kristen) … UPS delivered the box this afternoon and the little Think Geek monkey sticker that was include is soooo cute –I’d keep it for myself if it wasn’t going to be in Kristen's box o’ graduation fun (coming up May 15)! “Think Geek Stuff For Smart Masses.” Check it out. So what if I didn’t get half of the higher order science jokes –Kristen explained them to me and I did get most of the graphics!


Linda Starr said...

I've been known to get clay on my nightgown and socks too; bright colors are so happy, love the flag designs; is Gus taller than Kristen now?

Tracey Broome said...

If I had those flags at the festival last weekend I might have actually sold something! They were very popular! and made my tent look so festive. It really stood out amongst all of the white vendor tents

cookingwithgas said...

all kinds of things shaking at the Shake house! And I want a better look at your backsplash!
Love the picture of the kids!

Judy Shreve said...

Love the bright colors of the flags! It sure will make folks think spring! Love the picture of Gus and Kristen! And yes -- that backsplash looks amazing!


The flags are wonderful!

Slippers are my favorite footwear of choice in the studio, too. Although, it means they tend to wear out faster than they should.

Ann said...

Love the new flags, Cindy! Can't wait till the 21st of May for the opening of the market!!

cindy shake said...

thanks all :) I can't believe nobody has commented on the USB gadgets we got from Think Geek... or you guys just being polite?! :))

I'll have to remember to post pictures of our kitchen back splash before the 50's era kitchen gets the big summer remodel!! It's a tile mosaic I did using upcycled tiles and broken dishes BEFORE I knew how hard it would be!!