Friday, May 20, 2011

Market Butterflies

Today it's detail work. The welder is unplugged and the steel sculptures are awaiting pricing and tagging. I'm also pricing, tagging a few felted pieces that I'll have for sale at the Spenard Farmer's Market tomorrow. What's a market without sheep right?!

I'll be loading my plastic tubs of all the necessary show supplies, including my new wireless credit machine goodies. After months of research on wireless merchant options I settled on the purchase of a

Veriphone Nurit 8000. Now I can accept and verify credit cards wirelessly. Not only will this save me time from having to upload the manual sales slips at the end of the day but it saves the customer time from having to wait for me to hand-write out their purchase, run their card through the ol' "knuckle buster" and hope the sales slip is still legible!

Last night a few of us including Daddy-O, spray painted the vendor space numbers on the parking lot where

the Market will be. Now we all have permanent parking lot yellow finger tips! Doing the final walk-thru gave me butterflies for tomorrow. We have a full Market of 40 plus vendors with a waiting list for vendors wanting to participate if there

are any no-shows, which I doubt there will be. The sold-out Market is great news but has made my volunteer Vendor Coordinator job ├╝ber-busy. The Market committee is only slightly nervous about the opening day coinciding with doomsday... I'm in pretty good shape, not for the rapture, but inventory wise and have been really focusing on striking a balance with life/wife/mom, art making and volunteer work. School was out yesterday and has added a new element to my day with Gus home so I'm going to put him to work! Both Derek, Gus and Will are on line to help me load and set up and manage my booth the Market tomorrow and is always such a welcome making the day go quickly. Having my guys around also helps quell my butterflies for the Market and perhaps for the end of the world should it happen...



We are sending happy, positive thoughts your way from Utah for both the market and the rapture (should it occur)...Mormons don't believe in "the rapture" as a Christian event so Utah hasn't really embraced this recent silliness, I mean, serious religious happening the way the rest of the country has.

Seriously, though, your work is beautiful and it looks like you have done an amazing job getting everything set for the market. They were lucky to have you as a volunteer coordinator.

Tracey Broome said...

Well, I have a show tomorrow so I hope everything gets bought before we are all swooped up to heaven. Don't you like the way I am assuming we will all go? I once had a dream about the rapture, and I was floating in the air above Gerry who was still on the ground and he was saying "uh oh!"
I kid him about that a lot!
Have a great time at market, hope you sell lots of metal and fur!

Judy Shreve said...

Cindy - I sure wish I could come to the Spenard Farmer's Market tomorrow. You have worked so hard getting it all ready! And wouldn't it be fun to be raptured from Alaska! ha!
Have a fabulous opening!

Linda Starr said...

Have a good one, I'd love to be there, the other day Gary saw your blog and all the photos and he said why didn't we move there? one of these day's I hope we get up there, hope you sell out; I'm so out of it I didn't even know it was a rapture day, limited TV stations or news if it happens I'll be that much surprised.

Oh I found the junk yard extraordinaire and was thinking of you as I walked through there, I was in rusty metal heaven, I'll post about it soon.

Linda Starr said...

OH Gary just came by and said God has his vacume cleaner ready for tomorrow, all the believers will be sucked up and the rest will be left below. He has the strangest take on so many things, why I love him so.

Patricia Griffin said...

May you have a rapturous time tomorrow! Doomsday be damned... ooops, hope that doesn't get me in trouble!