Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunshine Makes All the Difference

What a relief to wake to somewhat sunny skies early Saturday morning. At the Market, weather is everything. Last year Anchorage saw one of the rainiest summer's on record and the Market attendance reflected it. Saturday's kickoff was FANTASTIC! Customers and vendors were all smiles. There were no glitches with the check-in and set-up of 40 plus vendors. I was a bit harried checking everyone in, collecting the booth fees, while cars filled the Market unloading their wares. Daddy-O, Will and Gus has my booth set-up just as I checked the final vendor in. It was definitely a team effort. My new wireless credit card machine even WORKED flawlessly! whew. I didn't have a chance to take more pictures but KTVA Channel 11 Photo Journalist, Ken Fankhauser was at the Market and created this wonderful segment for the weekend news! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Just for fun...
A friend and customer who purchased one of my large, outdoor sculptures of a Sandhill Crane sent us these pictures. Look at the Pheasant in the lower left of the photo. Pheasants are not indigenous to Alaska although they are seen from time to time. The Pheasant has apparently become quite smitten with the sculpture and has been a constant companion of the steel Crane!


Linda Starr said...

Yeah for sunshine. How sweet about the pheasant keeping your sculpture company; off to watch the video now.

Can you give me some advice please?Do you know if I can put urethan over rusty metal to keep it from flaking off and seal in the rust? or what should I use


Hooray for well-timed sunshine! Your booth looks amazing, by the way - such beautiful work so well-organized. Your boys did a good job!

Watched the segment - you looked great! Well-spoken, too (no surprise there!)!!

The first market looks like it was a lot of fun. So glad it went so well, surely a reflection of your very hard work as volunteer coordinator.

cookingwithgas said...

YES- what Julia said- I'll be lazy and just tag her thoughts!
It was fun to see and hear you talk!

ang walford said...

go cindy !! you the spruker baby.... better than a paid ad getting some vid footage on the web...I'd be there! :P

Tracey Broome said...

Great video, fun to see you live on camera! where do you get all that energy?