Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Friday and History Fish

Last week I had a chance to finish a set of "History Fish" for the Show at Katie's. I enjoy making these fish because it gives me a chance to upcycle some of my scrap steel. After I draw and cut a large base fish design I try and plasma cut interesting pieces of the steel left over from a large 4' x 8' sheet and keep them in my "cool scrap bin."
Though sometimes the "cool scrap bin" becomes the "crap scrap bin" if it starts to overflow, collect shop dust and starts to look like work if I want to use it -making me not want dig. If I maintain the pile I tend to want to use the scraps on a regular basis otherwise it's off to Alaska Metal Recyclers with a TRUCK LOAD of good scrap. These fish are about 24" wide with an enamel fini
sh. After I weld the fish together I give them a clear coat enamel finish which provides a smooth tooth for the brushed on enamel paint. For the enamel color I use One Shot Sign Painter's Enamel. It's hand brush applied full strength with the desired color blends then hand rubbed off using industrial strength rags. I usually go over the finished piece with with highlights of orange or other contrasting colors for highlights with a very dry brush.

First Friday at Katie's Gallery was packed. She knows how to throw a pARTy! I wish Katie was able to enjoy the evening more -she works her tail off! She was behind the register the entire time -which is good for the Gallery and all of the artists she has in her place but tough to soak up all the good vibes, art, music and food. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all Katie and Barb did Friday night to ensure it was a packed house all night long. THANKS LADIES! That is a picture of Katie working the register, Barb is packaging up some art AND working the beverage counter. Daddy-O had a chance to visit with other teachers on summer hiatus and Gus stepped in to help pour fresh ice tea for customers and had fun as well as the junior barkeep. The flowers were sent to the Gallery from my parents. xox The other photo is of talented artists, Duke Russell and Lance Lekander pictured with me. I was happy to see them as there were several great shows downtown Friday night and everyone was trying to make the rounds. Anchorage has one of the BEST artist communities that is LOADED with talented people. Thank goodness we have First Fridays otherwise some of us artists don't get out of the studio nearly enough.

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