Monday, July 11, 2011

The Difference Between What Dudes and Chicks Do Best

A couple of weeks worth of scrap ready to go to AK Metal Recyclers.

The guys went fishing and I have a couple of days to myself. With absolutely promising NOT to fire the welder up or do any accounting, paperwork, house keeping or fill customer orders, I took the day OFF. I’ve been in need of some down time not involving art making (I know, how could I even say such a thing!). After a breakfast of FRESH Tamales (my favorite), the first thing I did do was go to REI and treat myself to a new pair of TEVA sandals and a new purse for Gus and my upcoming trip to the Sequim, WA Lavender

Festival this week. Then, I got my hair trimmed, treated myself to new magazines at Barnes & Noble, rented a chick-flick and bought root bear float ingredients. I also went thrift store shopping and found a TREASURE that made me think of Keren, who I can’t wait to show it to!

Sometimes inspiration sneaks up on me. Keren Lowell’s Mobile Mending booth at the Spenard Farmer’s Market is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen. From the beginning, her vendor application stood out to our vendor committee. “I would set up a mobile clothing repair booth with a treadle sewing machine, and mend any kind of

cloth, upholstery, accessories, shoes, sports equipment.” I appreciate her resourcefulness and her unique approach of how to market her talents, creating a customer base of what would have been traditionally untapped business. I must have had Keren on my mind today at the thrift store when I found this gem. It’s a Domestic Rotary Electric Sewing Machine that works beautifully! Even the light bulb still works! What sold me were all of the accessories that came with it, including the ORIGINAL Instruction manual AND the ORIGINAL GUARANTEE! The eerie thing is, when I looked at the date of purchase on the original customer’s certificate… it was 63 years ago within two days! The date of purchase was 7-9-48 in Wyoming! How cool is that?!

My thrift store find, a 1948 Domestic Rotary Electric Sewing machine that works BEAUTIFULLY!

3 dudes doing what guys do best, load the cooler, load the boats and going fishing! Derek and Gus with Kristen's boyfriend Nelson.


Linda Starr said...

Sounds like what I call a dink day, I'd like to be a dude and go fishing, but I could use some of that scrap metal your recycling just as it is. Have fun at the lavender festival.

Linda Starr said...

should be you're

Ann said...

LOVE the new sewing machine, Cindy! Was this at the Attic?? I bet it sews like a dream--all metal and all precision. Lucky you! Have fun traveling with your best bud!