Friday, July 15, 2011

Lavender, Art and Color, OH MY!

Gus and I are in Sequim, (rhymes with swim) WA on the Olympic Peninsula. My parents retired to Sequim from Alaska a few years ago seeking weather that was a bit more hospitable to year round golf and doesn’t require the ownership of a snowblower. Lucky for us wecan now visit not only family but a vibrant and inspiring arts community. This weekend is the annual Sequim Lavender Farm Faire and Tour and the annual Sequim Studio Tour.

At least 30,000 people are expected to visit Sequim this weekend to attend this legacy rich area and

tour some of the worlds’ most beautiful Lavender farms. In addition to all of the COLOR, the arts and craft fairs, demonstrations, farm tours, culinary programs, music and other city-wide events, the Sequim Artists are opening up their studios all weekend.

Another artful treat is that my Dad and Mom both have their art on display this month! Mom’s work is included in a group show “A Tribute To Blooms” at the Sequim Museum and Arts Center and one of her ceramic sunflower vases had the magic red dot on it! Dad is the featured artist at the Blue Whole Gallery, 129 Washington Street in downtown Sequim. His assemblage work is in the front

window area for all the Lavender Festival visitors to see (and buy!). While gallery hopping yesterday I liked the work of Karin Anderson. Her work is illustrative and happy and I purchased some of her Giclee art cards. I’m filling my little black Moleskine book with ideas and inspirations –all of this color has my head exploding with ideas! I’m filling my memory card with digital images of color and textures too. OK, more later, we’re off to the rolling acres of all things PURPLE! Thank you to Daddy-O and Willie who are covering form me and are on doggie and Market duty this week.


I'm keeping color swatches of ideas filling up my little black Moleskine book!
On the Edmonds-Kingston ferry.


Tracey Broome said...

Boy do I know the feeling! I have taken so many color/texture photos this summer! Glad you are having fun and finding inspiration!

cookingwithgas said...

and your parents to art as well!? I should have know- who's is the sunflowers- love them.
Just did some sunflower tiles and I want to do more...

cindy shake said...

The sunflowers are by Karin Anderson. I picked up a few of her art cards because I love her use of color and happy designs. Yes, my parents are both artists though my dad is a "late bloomer" having only discovered assemblage about 4 years ago. Mom has always enjoyed various forms of art making.

ang walford said...

hmmmm my kinda tour :P