Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally More Catching Than Fishing

While the Bad Girls of the North are selling my metal work up at the State Fair (thank you GIRLS!), we decided to have a little summer R and R on the Kenai River -or what's
left of our summer! Gus and I went down to my Uncle's fishing lodge and celebrated my Uncle's birthday as they prepare to button up the cabins for the winter. The Silver's were a bit elusive but we all limited out on Rainbow's and Dolly Varden. I've been fishing most of my life but have only managed to ever catch one King Salmon years ago with my Dad on the same river. Yesterday on the Kenai I caught two!! Of course they've spawned and are out of season
and had to be released, but even my aunt caught one! Three monster Kings in one day -crazy! It was a thrilling trip and to fight two, 50 pound-plus fish on trout gear felt GREAT! Gus has retained his title of "Rainbow Warrior" as he bested us all with his fishing skills -that kid has concentrated patience. Our boat was hooking up with every drift and I admit the best part was having those King's on the line as we drifted by the GUIDE BOATS loaded with paying customers!! Yeah, I was so excited I was showing off a bit -hope that doesn't hurt my fish karma, but I felt I was DUE!

Last Drift of the day is always hard -good bye sweet summer!


Patricia Griffin said...

What a great fishing picture! That's gotta be the winning shot for the cover of a fishing guide book or something.

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH I just was going to write you because I read an article about King Salmon and why they are called that and how special they are. WEIRD! Before I wrote I thought, Oh I'll check her blog first. WEIRD!

Feeling like fall up there too uh?

Great shots!

cindy shake said...

Pretty fun huh, Patricia?! My Aunt took the photo just as I hooked up and we knew what I had on the line!

WOW, I swear Marj we are sisters separated by coastlines!! YES, Kings are the big daddies of the fishing world. They can be really elusive. It was pretty thrilling and even harder to get that sucker released -they had teeth -and the whole time I kept saying "sorry big guy, I'm trying to get the hook out as fast as I can!" It took 3 of us.

Linda Starr said...

How fun, nothing better than cold water fish, he looked to be a really big one too.