Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celebrating Winter Solstice With a Full House

The studio has been in full production and set up an area for Kristen's sewing machine. I've been sewing and packaging the Raven Garden Flags along with working on other fiber art projects!
This Alaskan celebrates the Winter Solstice with joy of finally seeing the 18-plus hours (on Dec. 21, Anchorage sunrise occurs at 10:14 a.m. with sunset following five hours and 27 minutes later at 3:41 p.m.of darkness wane and having a full house! And true to years past my studio is humming and the family is a buzzing this Holiday week. With Kristen home for the winter break, all of my offspring have been able to gather at our house laughing, eating and squabbling. The familiar sounds of sibling rivalry occurring in adult size bodies are strangely comforting to me. Though probably not as exciting as seeing Daddy-O in his full construction and tool belt regalia as he starts on our “new” old house interior renovations during his winter break! I’ve made room in the studio for Kristen’s sewing machine and have loved the company while I work. Of course we’re fighting over the choice of my music playing vs. her streaming Law and Order or CSI…  nothing a little hot Apple Cider with Captain Morgan’s won’t cure!

This is the new insert for the Raven Garden Flags!
They retail for $28 and have been fun to make while brightening up the studio.

This is the hang tag I designed to be stapled at the top of the new Art Cloth squares. The size is 8.5" tall x 11" wide, horizontal, and gets folded down the middle to a finish size of 4.25" x 11" supporting the 12" x 12" squares flat so the customer can view the entire cloth pattern.


Judy Shreve said...

What a great post - I could just hear your family in the background while I was reading. Hope you have a fabulous family Christmas! and a joyful New Year!

cookingwithgas said...

Merry Christmas Cindy and may it be filled with fun, food, family and joy!

Peter said...

Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family! Lovely to think of slowly adding a bit of light to each day as you ease into the New Year. Soon be Spring again! P x