Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Power

Seems Alaska is receiving all the snow for the entire U.S.! Alaska’s weather has even had CNN watching. We’ve set a new record for snowfall in the month of January, ALREADY and with even more snow on the way, it’s been a great time to stay INSIDE the studio and sew. Here is a link to the images from the snowfall in the outlying cities of Valdez and Cordova that appeared in the Anchorage Daily News. With some of my deadline projects out of the way I’ve wanted to work some more on my powerline series using image transfers, fabric painting, embellishing and free motion stitching. The new TAP artist transfer paper provided a smoother image for me to sew and paint over. These pieces have given me an opportunity to practice my sewing when I slow down enough to quilt “properly.” I tend to not want to follow the “rules” of traditional sewing or quilting. It’s a gentle balance because the perfectionist in me would like to already be an expert at sewing the basics but I’ll need at least another week, just kidding, I’m still light years away but enjoying the journey! I’m working on avoiding puckering, maintaining proper tension adjustment, avoiding uneven stitches with my free motion sewing and taking more care with my finish work. Part of my steep learning curve is my desire to use new and different materials, fabrics, designs and embellishments. At least with the kind of winter we're having, the garden won’t even be thawed out until July giving me PLENTY of time in the studio! 

Art quilt, part of the "Powerline" series is about 13" x 30" tall. Cotton fabric, digital image transfers, fabric paints with free motion stitching. 

Art quilt, part of the "Powerline" series is about 14" x 16.5" tall. Cotton fabric, digital image transfers, fabric paints with free motion stitching. 


Unknown said...

This "Powerline" series is POWERFUL! Awesome Cindy. Really great.

Send some of that snow our way... California is getting thirsty!

cindy shake said...

thank you, and we wish we could!

Tracey Broome said...

I've been thinking of you, watching the news here, and our 60 degree days. So glad Alaska took on all the snow this year for the rest of us! I'm envious of your sewing time, I want to get started but so many other things seem to be in the way, sooon.....
I'll just watch and learn from you right now :)

cindy shake said...

Thanks Tracey :) I make time for sewing but find if I'm not int he right mood for it I'm too impatient :( and stuff turns out bad! Wish I had a "CREATE NOW" SWITCH I could throw on and off! ha!