Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Weather is for the Bad Witch

As if Alaska’s record breaking snow wasn’t enough, now Anchorage has been plunged into a deep freeze with temps from -5 to -20, cold even for South Central Alaska! I can’t complain to Kristen up in Fairbanks though, her temps are regularly -20 below and they saw it drop to -40 below this week! All this winter weather has made me a bit fussy because it’s too damn cold to really be outside enjoying the beautiful snow and getting some much needed, regular exercise. I actually LIKE the winter and if you think I’m grumpy –whoa, you should be among some of Anchorage’s drivers! With the cold snap I thought this week was the perfect time to work on another art quilt with the Wizard of Oz theme fabric I found in a clearance bin. Only this week I didn’t add the good witch on the art quilt just added the legs and ruby red slippers coming out from under the old farmhouse!!

This was the first "Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch I" I created. It's about 14" x 18" art quilt using cotton fabric, free motion stitching, bead embellishment,  and digital image transfers. 

"Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch II" about 12" wide x 21" tall (not measuring the legs and ruby red slippers) art quilt using cotton fabric, free motion stitching, bead and button embellishment,  and digital image transfers.

All of my samples, sales sheets, price lists and positive thoughts are with my sales rep company, Karen Sobolesky and Company this weekend at the 2012 Alaska Wholesale Gift Show. If you are a qualified buyer there is still time to register and the show is being held at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center, Thursday 1/19 3-7pm, Friday 1/20 10:00 am – 6pm, and Saturday 1/21 from 10:00 am – 5pm.


Tracey Broome said...

Man! You live in a very beautiful but godforsaken land!!!
I'm sitting here cold with temps still in the 50's, I know, you're laughing at me :)
Great quilt!

Patricia Griffin said...

Awww, you girls just need a little trip to California, land of milk and honey. I'll be putting on my keens and maybe grab a sweatshirt for a run/walk (mostly walk!) up the coast trail in about 30 minutes. Sun will be warming up the hills, dogs will be cavorting around, sea will be glistening. Be about 60 in a couple of hours.

Course, we're dry as a bone here. It's a little parched... But I hear rain is coming soon.

LOVE these oz pieces. You are so delightful!

cindy shake said...

thanks girls! YES, Patricia Tracey and I need a trip to the sunny coast!!! :)

Patricia Griffin said...

Well, heck, I spoke too soon yesterday morning... It rained all day. Of course, you girls are sooooo welcome. Just bring your umbrellas!