Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Going Formal in Alaska

"Alaska Formal" Sticky Tie from evREwares, "Art with a PEEL, Reusable, Fabric Adhesives" Fishing Lure Tie and the "Alaska Formal" line designed by Cindy Shake

 Another advantage of working with a sales rep is the opportunity to meet and be exposed to other manufacturers. This winter Karen Sobolesky showed me this amazing new sub straight material that is a patented, peelable, reusable fabric adhesive that can be wiped clean and being manufactured by evREwares. I’ve been searching for such a material to have my illustrated alphabets printed on for classrooms, kid’s rooms etc. I used to print the alphabets on long strips of cover weight paper. But due to the rising costs of offset printing and having such an awkward shaped product, this is no longer a viable solution for wholesaling. During the process of designing and working on the new alphabet project ideas with evREwares, (which are still in the development phase), I’d seen their line of children’s “Sticky Ties” that evREwares produces and thought an Alaskan themed set of adult ties would be a big seller during our tourism season. Creative minds must think alike as evREwares was in the process of producing their line of “Big Guy Ties” and thought my idea of “Alaska Formal” ties for our market was a good one and bought the idea! I designed 6 different “Alaska Formal” themed ties including the iconic “Blue Tarp” tie, duct tape, fur, salmon skin, lumberjack, and my favorite the fishing lure tie! The ties are ready and orders are rolling in for evREwares. It’s fun to actually see Derek’s old blue tarp and favorite fishing flies and lures become immortal on the “Alaska Formal” Sticky Ties!


Linda Starr said...

What a super idea, those fishing ties would be good here in Florida too. I once saw a quilt made out of vintage ties which was cool.

cindy shake said...

thanks Linda :) ooo a quilt idea.... you have inspired me!