Friday, February 17, 2012

Process of Intimidation

Detail of "Power Suit for Casual Fridays" 
My entries for the EYE of the Beholder Wearable Art Show Anchorage are complete. I was feeling satisfied and even somewhat accomplished because I felt I’d fully experienced the PROCESS from idea, production, deconstruction, back to reconstruction and finally the completion of each piece. There were structural and creative challenges and frustrations. Materials were unpacked, found, sought, purchased, tried out and many cast aside –for me, all symptoms of a full-blown creative process in a new medium. Sometimes when I get caught up in the process I forget the important details like deadlines, application forms or even sending in the fees associated with a Call for Entry. While confirming the entry form details on line, I went to a link for the Juneau, AK Wearable Art Show which then lead me to the link for WOW, the World of Wearable Art. Emphasis on W-O-R-L-D, entries with global talent and even bigger ideas that seemed perfectly executed from top globally successful creative types. Sculptural forms and inventive materials were adorning the human form that seemed even too creative for the Broadway stage or the best of a Cirque show. Looking at image after image in awe and admiration is when that nasty, dark feeling of doubt seeped in to my psyche.  Suddenly, my entries seem so amateur, unpolished and not worthy of any stage. I was feeling I didn’t even want to enter the show. Maybe I could come up with an excuse that I had a catastrophic fiber explosion that melted both pieces into a ball of crap. I was also feeling confident that I had the creative “eye” while looking at each of these entries with such admiration that it actually inspired me at the same time intimidation was beating me down and fizzing up my guts. Feeling my lowest and not coming up with a suitable excuse as to why I couldn’t enter my two lowly pieces in the Anchorage Show I found more links on the WOW site “Why Enter,” “Getting Started,” “Design Forum,” and even “Design Tips.” I suddenly felt welcomed into this new world of wearable art. I read of many other new artists and “never-evers” that had questions, fears and apprehensions as I did. I may not be entering the WORLD of WearableArt Show but I appreciated their supportive and encouraging approach to us beginners. That is how you grow, foster and support CREATIVITY. I’m going to try and apply this experience to our local Eye of the Beholder Wearable Art Show as I fill out my entry forms -today. As an artist, even if your medium of choice is not fiber, you need to check out some of these creations for inspiration. I also felt that a few of the WOW judges comments are helpful for any of us working in any medium -where you read the word “garments” and “fabric” simply insert your current medium of choice:
"Too Much Dress Up!" entry for the EYE of the Beholder Wearable Art Show -Anchorage by Cindy Shake. Original pattern and design, Barbie accessories, clothes, tulle, found objects, commercial fabric.
      "There were some great concepts but some garments had problems with form and design. Try taking a photo of your garment or looking at it in the mirror – this can help you see it more objectively. Remember, less is more!”
      “We loved seeing garments made of materials that have been manipulated or transformed by the designer rather than just using commercially available fabric.”
      “Some garments were broken on arrival due to poor packing. The firmer you can pack your garment, the better. You may also be able to collapse your garment to fit in a smaller box or even pack it in more than one box.”

"Power Suit for Casual Friday" entry for the EYE of the Beholder Wearable Art Show -Anchorage by Cindy Shake. Original pattern and design, plasma cut steel and copper, wire, hardware, denim, satin, faux fur and LED light embellishments.
"Too Much Dress Up!" entry for the EYE of the Beholder Wearable Art Show -Anchorage by Cindy Shake. Original pattern and design, Barbie accessories, clothes, tulle, found objects, commercial fabric.


Jody said...

Your art looks wonderful. And I so appreciate your words of encouragement for us newbies.

angela walford said...

thats some power suit cindy!!!! sounds like a great show