Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting My Fix

The EYE of the Beholder Wearable Art Show needed a “People’s Choice Award” trophy and I jumped at the chance to create something fun out of metal. It was a chance to get my “metal fix” with all this fiber art I’ve been working in lately! The show already had a fab logo designed by fellow volunteer and graphic designer Deanna Teders. It’s great when somebody can email you a ready to go vector file that has been built right and corrupted! I edited part of the logo that had a large zipper and added a few of the buttons that were also in the logo and had it cut out of ¼” aluminum steel. I wanted a piece that could be held up by the winner as their name was announced –sort of like an Oscar! The trophy company is milling me an acrylic base and engraved name plate this week. It was fun to work with metal again but I had to unpack drill, grinder and even heavy duty gloves that I hadn't used since we moved.

We’ve been keeping up with our daughter, Kristen through the Great Belt Research Cruise daily Blog! She is currently at sea in the Southern Ocean with the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences as a Research Technician. The 2012 Great Belt Research Cruise: Exploring Phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean An international team of researchers left Durban, South Africa on February 18, 2012 aboard the Research Vessel Roger Revelle and will arrive 35 days later in Freemantle, Australia, after collecting data and samples as they cross the Southern Ocean “25 Scientists, 35 days at sea, billions of coccolithophores.” Kristen works primarily with the CTD equipment, then will process the samples from the various stations in the on board laboratory. The CTD rosette is the primary water collection tool used on the cruise; CTD stands for Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth, referring to the set of sensors mounted on the bottom of the rosette.

There is an education link for the cruise that is interesting for any teachers you may know. The goal of this project is to increase ocean literacy by inspiring and encouraging students and the public to learn about oceanography, life at sea and career options in ocean science.  Photos and the expedition’s blog are by Rebecca Fowler.

That's our girl, GRADUATED AND gainfully EMPLOYED :)


Linda Starr said...

what a great trophy you have made and congrats on Kristen's interesting job just the other day I saw in an educational program where divers were researching blue holes on Caribbean islands, the oceans and waters of earth have much to tell us about the past, present, and future.

Laurie said...

Love the trophy! WIll have to check out the Great Belt blog.

Jamie Fingal said...

Fabulous award with the big zipper and I love that you are using a 'real' zipper pull on the piece! This is way cool!
Congrats to your daughter!

Patricia Griffin said...

Great interpretation of the logo! And BRAVO to your daughter. That is very, very cool!

cindy shake said...

thanks friends!! all lots of fun :)

Tracey Broome said...

Great art and fun to see, but that GIRL of yours!!!!
I know how proud you must be of her. What a job she has!!!! So cool to read about her adventures :)