Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Art Makes Anchorage

Giant, 5' tall letters to be displayed at the opening of the district's art show. The "R" is made of recycled, plastic bottle caps and the "T" is wrapped in paper recycled coffee cup sleeves. 

This week I have the opportunity to assist with the Anchorage School District's art show at the Anchorage Museum. We have approximately 350 - 400 pieces of art to display that were juried by district art teachers for grades K -12. I have been so inspired by the work that I've seen! This is one of my favorite events to attend and being able to be part of the installation team has been an honor. Anchorage is fortunate to have incredibly talented art teachers at every level. Over 30 years ago I was selected to participate in this very exhibit and I can honestly say that the support and encouragement I received from my art teachers helped to chart the course for a successful career in Art Making.

40th Anniversary Year in recognition of 
National Youth Art Month 
March 2 – April 1, 2012
Art Makes Anchorage
Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center

This large, paper maché Lion is almost 6' tall.

My pin I'm pointing to is from the Anchorage School District Youth Art Month 30 years ago, "You Gotta' Have Art" when I had an oil painting selected for display in the very same place! I remember how proud my family and I were to attend the show and have a piece of my art in a museum that was painted by a kid! I shared this fond memory with the team and we took great care honoring and hanging each piece of student created art.

We had two large walls for the
elementary 2-D art, large museum display
cases for the 3-D works and the upper
level of the Museum will
display Senior high works including
pieces of jewelry, pottery and fiber.

A Student with a sense of…
DESIGN can create and appreciate human-made objects that go beyond function and may be perceived as beautiful, whimsical, extraordinary, unique or emotionally engaging;

STORY communicates effectively with others by creating, as well as appreciating a compelling narrative;

SYMPHONY synthesizes ideas, sees the big picture, crosses boundaries, and combines disparate pieces into a meaningful whole;

EMPATHY understands another’s point of view, is able to forge relationships and feels compassion for others;

PLAY creatively engages in problem-solving, benefits personally and socially from flexibility, humor, risk-taking, curiosity, inventive thinking and games;

MEANING pursues more significant endeavors, desires and enduring idea, has a sense of purpose, inspiration, fulfillment, and responsibility in making informed choices towards higher-order thinking skills and transformation.
             -courtesy ASD 2012 Art Makes Anchorage bookmark/brochure

Student created fabric wrapped birch branches made for a FAB backdrop to the hand painted "Starry Night Piano."

Detail from one of several large banners that hang in the Atrium of the Anchorage Museum.

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