Sunday, March 4, 2012

Running Wild from Pamplona to Anchorage With Love

“As of 12:15pm today, Anchorage's seasonal snowfall increased to 123.3 inches. The snow from last night and this morning moved this winter to third place in the race for the snowiest winter on record. Another 9.6 inches of snow needs to fall before June 1st for the record to be broken.” ...and March usually brings a few more winter storms.

Here is the link to more photos from the
Anchorage Daily News 2012 Running With
the Reindeer!
With only 9.6 inches of snowfall left to go for Anchorage to set a new snowfall record it’s pretty easy to get a little cabin fever! What’s a good Alaskan to do when winter is wearing out it’s welcome? Get out in it and RUN WITH THE REINDEER of course! Celebrating Anchorage’s Fur Rondy put the guys and I downtown, a short walk from our house and signed up for the 5th Annual Run With the ReindeerThe "Run" is a popular fundraiser for the Toys for Tots Program. My costume was “The Herd Queen” and the guys were “Reindeer Luche Libres!” Of course Daddy-O and I packed a few of our favorite beverages in our pockets so we could stay hydrated like a good athlete should… It was evident that the majority of the nearly 2,300 other "Runners" had the same thought!

The "Herd Queen" and her faithful protector "Reindeer Lucha Libre!"
NO JOKE! This Reindeer with a Web Cam attached to it's antlers, hopefully CAPTURED it's Antlers POKING ME RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BIB NUMBERS! Some idget had smacked the Reindeer on it's rump just as it was passing through the crowd! Thankfully the race bib was made of durable Tyvek and the antler didn't poke through!

At the "holding pen" racers waited for their heat to run while  partying with music from KWHL and throwing beach balls. The only problem was that the cold weather proved fatal for most of the balls as soon as they were hit!

Racers waiting for their heat to Run and the herd of Reindeer to be lead back to the start line -Celebrity, Womens', Men's and Couples or Groups.

VICTORIOUS Reindeer Lucha Libres at the finish line!
Viva La Invierno!


Tracey Broome said...

Girl, we really live in different worlds! I have been walking on the beach for the past three days!

Patricia Griffin said...

You are way cool! That last photo of you guys MUST be on a future Christmas/holiday card! Glad to read that you didn't get pierced in the ribs by the reindeer!

Laurie said...

Your costume is awesome! Sounds like a fun time. I can imagine getting cabin fever with months of snow!