Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting an EYEful

What a night at the EYE of the Beholder Wearable Art Show!

...hangover is such a harsh word when you have so much BEAUTIFUL and ARTFUL fun! The Eye of the Beholder Wearable Art Show was just FAB -almost as much fun as the pre-functioning with Ann, Daddy-O and my sweet sis!

Darl Schaaff of Art Services North transformed the Crosspoint Auditorium! Featured and displayed were the works of Featured Artist, Designer and now Costumer in California, Sean Purucker. 

Several of us that were on the committee arrived early in the afternoon to start setting up. This is one of the 10 VIP tables that were near the Runway.

My sister and I glamming it up at a VIP runway-side table.

VIP "Swag Bags" included a pair of Artisan-made wool mittens or a hand made silk scarf,  gift cards, artisan tea, Modern Dwellers chocolates, hand moisturizer, cool lite-up LED rings, hand crafted soap, Artist Trading Card kit and MORE! My friend Jana and I were the VIP Bag committee chicks and we think we ROCKED the goodie bags this year! They were SO popular that some people sitting behind us at a non-VIP table stole MY goodie bag(!)... oh well, just proves they were a hit! 

My date.
Within hours, Daddy-O went from wearing his tool belt and Carhartt's, tearing out a wall in the kitchen for our new refrigerator (this was AFTER he got home from work) to Mr. Runway, the best date a girl could have.

One of my entries "Power Suit for Casual Fridays" looked great on the model but had a few pre-show issues in the dressing room. One of the problems was that the model was too petite for the piece and didn't wear the head piece that I designed for it. Some of the metal work was also damaged after the show which I can hopefully fix BUT a buyer wanted to take it home last night arrrggh... I learned a LOT by entering this show. There is so much time and basic materials and structure knowledge needed to pull of a really great piece that planning and time are essential. Several of us also agreed that the artist needs to work closely with who will be modeling your work. Next year I won't leave it up the the Show to select my models (if my work is selected), I'll have that better planned, not only for sizing but for choreography and overall design and presentation.
One of my favorite pieces was "Queen of Caffeine"  designed by Nessa Noveau and Carly Garay. The tall, beautifully winged garment was worn by a model on stilts!! It was constructed of coffee and tea bags, dyed and embellished with  rich and warm rust-brown palette.  Just breathtaking. 

With close to 60 entries we were on sensory overload with the talent and scope of "wearable art" at the show. It was hard for the judges (Jocelyn Young, Jo Michelski, and Georgia Blue) to choose three ultimate winners because of the diversity of not only the materials used but the quality of construction on each piece.

2012 Show Winners

Best of Show and Jurors Choice
Larry Depute "Still Flying"

Theme: Elise Rose "Restrained/Gratification"

Best use of material: Lauralye Miko, "Post Poetic"


Linda Starr said...

You and daddyo look super.

cindy shake said...

Thank you Linda :) xo

Linda Starr said...

Oh I meant to say your sister too, sorry. It has been so many years since I dressed up like that what fun.

Ann said...

Well, the art was OK, but DEREK--now THERE was something to look at, ladies!! Man, he cleans up well, Cindy!! :)

susan christensen said...

Great looking show, Cindy - Sure wish I could have been there for the Runway! We are getting ready for the annual wearable show here in Petersburg. The EYE show is quite an inspiration! -sus