Friday, May 11, 2012

This Weekend, Love the Women In Your Life

There was a sweet little girl named Ginny,
who was the Queen of the prom, so tall and skinny.
All the boys would look her way until that fateful day, who should she meet...
the original Bad Boy 
who really was romantic and sweet!

And with all that lovin’ touchin’ and squeezin’, 
produced two more sweet little girls that love to keep a pleasin!
So MOM, on Mother’s Day, be happy to know, 
that all of us have our love to show!

Thank you for all you have taught me 
about what it takes to be a good Mama Llama.
Happy Mother's Day MOM!


Tracey Broome said...

Cindy, this is such a wonderful post! What a beautiful family you have, and that bad boy, is exactly that, how cute were they?! And you look just like your mom:)
Happy Mothers Day to you

cindy shake said...

Oh thanks girlfriend Tracey!! You know there is no stronger love than that of a MOM and her KIDS! Happy Mama Day to you too -I've been thinking about you :) LOVE the new work you are making!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

What a great tribute to your mom, whose gotta be really proud of the mother you are... The cycle just keeps going... round and round. Though I sometimes wish it would slow down just a tad, the ride sure is a blast. (Our son and his wife had a baby boy last Tuesday. What a trip to see our boy looking at his boy with such love... Wow!)
Anyway, hope your mother's day is awesome.

Julia said...

I am just getting to this post, but I love your tribute to your mother! I am sure she is amazingly PROUD of you.