Saturday, May 19, 2012

High Production in a Bird-Filled Studio

I have a pair of my metal Geese in the studio that I offered to repair this week. The entire neck came off of one bird and the other goose was bent in several places. The suspension wires were overly strained and broken as well. Some of the enamel paint has rusted off in places of friction. The customer had them hanging outside from a tree and with a record-setting winter and extreme high winds throughout the year, I’m surprised they have fared as well as they did –especially since they were designed to be hung INSIDE! At first I thought my welds had failed (which is a fear for any welder) but it was the STEEL That TORE AWAY from the weld!! Since the hanging Geese sculptures have a hand painted enamel finish, re-welding was not possible due to any heat repair would have burned and caught the paint on fire. I chose to use J-B Weld for the neck repair and with some new enamel touch-up paint and new suspension wires and they should be good to go. I also decided to light some incense, burn an energy candle and play some great music for the pair of geese to reignite their artfulness before returning them to the client. They were is such rough shape I felt bad for them and wanted them to hang happy again!

It’s been production central in the studio. I’ve been crazy busy filling wholesale orders and sewing Raven Garden flags every spare moment. It’s been fun to have the colorful stacks of fabric surrounding me in the studio but I admit, not so fun doing repetitive production work -unless I have a nice tall beverage sitting ext to me on work nights... Production work makes me grumpy until I see those checks in the mailbox and those check-looking envelopes make me happy, happy, happy!

This is a similar pair of my steel  geese sculptures displayed INDOORS at a local hospital.

Even though I won’t have a booth at the Spenard Farmer’s Market this season, I’m still a volunteer helping to coordinate the vendors and updating the web site and FB pages. I was happy to see opening day finally arrive, because it also means warmer temps MUST BE on the way here in Anchorage, I'm SO READY to get my garden planted. Here are a few inspiring and fun booths that were at the Market opening day today! 

Fun to see my friend, fellow artist and FAB gardener, Brooke Heppinstall of Woolwood Studio and Gardens! A.K.A. the original “Garden Tart!”

Diana Gidare-Radoff of AK Knitting Diva Designs is hosting a season-long “Sit & Knit” Community Scarf Project! "The Community Scarf Project, for fellow knitters to knit a few/a lot of rows, all season. The finished project will be showing up this winter at an undisclosed location. Yarn Bomb anyone?" I just may have to have Diana show me how to knit a few rows just to participate in the project. What a cool idea Diana. BTW, her headband knits were seen ALL OVER the Market today, good thing too as it was a bit chilly.

Foundroot Seeds, Sundries & Sustenance “Your Local Alaskan Seedsman. Foundroot is a small family-owned Alaskan business offering 100% open-pollinated vegetable seeds. We specialize in rare, heirloom, and expertly-bred seeds that will thrive to the far reaches of the frozen north. Tough climate? Tough seeds.” This was a VERY COOL and new vendor that is a wonderful addition to the Market -check out their web site.

St. Arnold Crosses were made with beer caps and  tin. The booth said “St. Arnold, patron saint of hop pickers and Belgian brewers, Ca 1040-1087. St. Arnold encouraged local peasants to dring beer instad of water, due to its gift of health. During brewing, the water was boiled, creating a medieval drink that was free of pathogens.”


Barbara Rogers said...

Love your birds, whether steel or fabric. What happens to the ravens after you sew them? Are they the banner kind that people hang from their houses? Or ??? I might like one for a friend who has raven totem. Now I'm in the mood to do some pottery birds!

cindy shake said...

Hi Barbara! YES, they are Ravens of the Boreas Garden Flags and can be hung indoors or out -similar to prayer flags. Here is a link of what they look like

Send me an e-mail and I can let you know where they are available!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Most people say I'm a busy bee, but you put me to shame. Wow! Love your energy and creative spirit!

Julia said...

Your garden flags are wonderful - the production work you put in is a great gift to all those who get to enjoy the flags in their gardens and homes. :)

Laurie said...

Love the raven flags! And the info about St. Arnold. Interesting!