Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rewards of Repair

Look what my client gave me for repairing her GEESE! My very own FAB Skhoop swag! In Alaska Skhoop skirts are worn by wise outdoor chicks who want to keep their bums toasty-warm… I’ve never treated myself to a Skhoop Skirt, BUT NOW I am the proud owner of a VERY CHIC Skhoop VEST! My client is the proprietress in Alaska for Skhoop and she thought I was more suited to a Skhoop VEST –and she was right! I love it, and the SOCKS and the way-cool HAT too! Thank you Osa! Here is a story about Osa bringing Skhoop to Alaska. Want to get Skhooped(?) -here is where to find it!

Another customer called and wanted to know if I could add some color to their Seal wall sculpture. “Sure!” I said –they already owned several of my seascaped themed pieces like the Octopus sculpture where I had painted starfish, kelp and other components, and wanted their Seal piece to match the others. I had my enamel paints unpacked from repairing the geese so it was easy-beasy. The enamel paint will take about 5 days for the enamel to dry and then it will be ready to go home.

Yesterday I was the volunteer Market Manager at the Spenard Farmer’s Market –mainly because Daddy-O and I stayed in town for the long weekend and won’t be going out of town anytime soon with all of the house repairs we (he) is starting on!  Aren’t these Quail eggs beautiful?! I bought them from a young vendor not only to support the youthful entrepreneur but because they were so wonderful looking. His family raises Quail here in Anchorage and rather than use them in an art piece I’ve offered them to my friend Margaret. She’s going to do right by the eggs and is breaking out her Julia Child cookbook. Have you had Quail eggs before? Any other ideas for their use? The vendor will be back next week and I’d like to support him again.


cookingwithgas said...

the eggs are a work of art- I know nothing abiut using them but I wonder if Julia of henhouse pottery would know what to do with them.

cindy shake said...

oh good idea Meredith! I bet she would :) thanks.

Laurie said...

Those are some beautiful eggs! No help with ideas, though.